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Nadeshot Fires Back At 100 Thieves Payment Allegations

A surprising bit of drama is unfolding around 100 Thieves, and specifically its co-owner Nadeshot, who has recently taken to livestreams to defend his organization against accusations from The Mob's Froste. The Mob signed with 100 Thieves back in 2019, but eventually parted ways with the esports org. Now, Froste has alleged that 100 Thieves was a predatory organization that forced him and fellow Mob members into poverty by assuming most of their profits. The streamer even went so far as to say that he and fellow Mob members skipped meals in order to meet their rent each month. Froste claimed that each member was required to pay $2,500 per month in rent, when they only received $1,650 per month from 100 Thieves in payment. While 100 Thieves as an organization might have expected members to earn money from outside revenue streams, like brand sponsorships, Froste claimed that The Mob wasn't allowed to take certain deals if they were seen as disadvantageous to 100 Thieves as a whole.


These claims understandably inspired a response from Nadeshot, who argued that Froste's accusations simply weren't true, and that The Mob's departure from 100 Thieves was painful both for him and the rest of the group. While letting The Mob go might not be the biggest regret of Nadeshot's career, it definitely left a bad taste in his mouth.

Nadeshot said The Mob simply didn't work

In a livestream addressing the accusations, Nadeshot went through Froste's allegations one by one, attempting to explain his side of the story. According to Nadeshot, The Mob didn't pull high numbers on their own streams and needed the boost from 100 Thieves to help rocket them to success. Because Nadeshot felt personally connected to The Mob through their long history of modding on his channel, he wanted to help them grow their fanbase via a mutual opportunity. Nadeshot then detailed how hard he worked – under what he considered worse circumstances – to create his own career. Nadeshot discussed many of Froste's claims, explaining that 100 Thieves paid each member of The Mob $2,500 per month and helped them find housing near the 100 Thieves compound. The Mob allegedly seemed agreeable with this arrangement, choosing to rent a $10,000 per month house. Nadeshot explained that the group chose to live beyond its means, which shouldn't be seen as the fault of 100 Thieves. Nadeshot added that 100 Thieves gave the group a monthly budget to fund content and allow them to buy equipment. Ultimately, Nadeshot said that The Mob simply didn't stream often enough.


Froste quickly responded to Nadeshot's video, arguing that Nadeshot was lying, but offering little proof, according to fans. However, when Froste went live with his own response, fans were quick to attempt to prove him wrong by posting listings of less expensive housing or accusing The Mob of relying on expensive meal options like Doordash instead of living more modestly. As Froste and Nadeshot continue sending responses to each other, it's unclear where this disagreement will end.