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How Long Does It Take To Beat Azure Striker Gunvolt 3?

The "Azure Striker Gunvolt" series launched in 2014 when the first game was released for Nintendo's 3DS. The side-scrolling shooter was heavily influenced by "Mega Man" in gameplay and aesthetics and has since received two sequels. It has also spawned several spinoffs, including "Mighty Gunvolt Burst," which remains one of the coolest games under $20 you can get for the Nintendo Switch. With "Azure Striker Gunvolt 3" released this summer for Switch and set to arrive on Xbox Series X|S and PC later this year, fans have a chance to get reacquainted with the fast-paced, sci-fi shooting action.


Some fans may wonder how much time they'll have to set aside to see this adventure through to the end. Others may want to know if the title packs enough content to justify its $29.99 ($39.99 for a physical copy) price tag. If players find themselves in one of these camps, they're in luck. That question has already been answered.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is a short but sweet experience

"Azure Striker Gunvolt 3" has received praise for introducing fun new mechanics while staying true to its exciting combat and level design. The consensus is that the game is worth picking up for series and genre fans. However, one shouldn't expect it to take up too much of their time.


At HowLongToBeat, it's estimated (based on user reporting) that the game will average about five hours to complete. But, this could vary slightly based on a player's skill level and how fast they choose to push through. For completionists out there, they can expect to tack on another six hours or so to see absolutely everything and find all the secrets.

These estimates are supported by Retronauts, which reported a five-hour playtime without going for all the extras. Mitch Vogel at NintendoLife had a similar experience, predicting around five hours from beginning to end. Vogel also emphasized, however, that this is a game intended to be played over and over by players who want to perfect their runs and memorize the levels — adding significant replay value.


So, if players just want to see the story and reach the credits, they should expect around five hours of entertainment. But gamers who like to find everything or refine their skills through multiple playthroughs can expect about double the time for the "Azure Striker Gunvolt 3."