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System Shock Dev Credits This Game For Saving Horror

While some might do all in their power to avoid playing sci-fi horror games, other players relish the scares these titles deliver — and 2022 is set to see a flood of terrifying new games with a sci-fi flair. Titles like "Dolmen," "The Callisto Protocol," and "Haunted Space" may have popped up on fans' radars over the last couple of years, but there's a legendary sci-fi horror game in the works. A "System Shock" remake by Nightdive Studios is in development, though the title doesn't have a definite release window yet. 

Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick spoke to VGC about the current state of horror games, discussing what upcoming titles he's looking forward to and his thoughts about why the subgenre is thriving. Kick began by saying that it seems like the fantasy genre is starting to wear out its welcome with players, which could be why sci-fi horror is becoming more popular. Kick says, "It's like an ebb and flow, right? You've got your 'World of Warcrafts' and your 'Everquests' in the 2000s, and then it kind of moved towards sci-fi, and then went back to fantasy, and now we're back to sci-fi again."

All that said, Kick went on to explain that, by and large, sci-fi horror was never something he'd considered a money-maker, so it's a surprise that the genre is as popular as it is now. In Kick's opinion, it has something to do with players' recent trips to a revamped Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 2's remake was crucial

Speaking with VGC, Stephen Kick said, "'Resident Evil 2' did such a wonderful job, they really set the bar of what a remake should be, and it sold incredibly well." Regarding the success of "Resident Evil 2," Kick wasn't wrong. In fact, the "Resident Evil 2" remake outsold the original's lifetime sales after just 11 months.

The "Resident Evil 2" remake proved a fan favorite and, as Polygon explained, helped define what video game remakes should strive for. It wasn't just how the characters moved or the way that light reflected off of the surroundings; it was the union of gameplay key to the title's identity and modern improvements to meet current expectations. 

Kick also noted the upcoming "Resident Evil 4" remake and "Dead Space" remake, remarking on the irony of the situation and its timing. Kick said, "And I think that ['Resident Evil 2'] had to have been a major factor in why we're seeing 'Dead Space' being remade. I mean, 'Dead Space' was a response to 'Resident Evil 4' when that first came out, so history is repeating itself."

Kick also reassured VGC and fans that development on the "System Shock" remake is still going strong and that the team is working closely with original creators Warren Spector and Paul Neurath to ensure the remake stays true to its roots.