Fallout 76: How To Get The Mysterious Cave Code

After "Fallout 76" bombed in 2018, the game managed to enjoy something of a resurgence with the noteworthy 2020 release of the "Wastelanders" expansion. "Wastelanders" added NPCs and made other improvements to the formerly empty Appalachian landscape, eventually getting fans excited to play the game again. While it hasn't become a smash hit, the multiplayer prequel has come a long way from the mess it used to be, now sporting a solid story featuring background lore for the long-running franchise.


One of the locations the story takes players is Vault 79, accessed through a passcode-locked door in the Mysterious Cave. The code is given to players automatically after a certain point in the story – but unfortunately, the note isn't safe from accidental destruction or loss. Any simple mistake could potentially lock players out of Vault 79, but thankfully, there's another way in.

Players can find their way into Vault 79 without the note from the main storyline — but the catch is that the way in is locked by a code that's randomized for each individual player. Getting into the Vault will require the completion of a sidequest that sends players globetrotting to discover the passcode. Here's how to complete the "Treasure Unknown" sidequest and get the Mysterious Cave code in "Fallout 76."


Find the Grafton Pawn Shop

Players can start the sidequest by heading to the Grafton Pawn Shop, an unmarked location in the town of Grafton. The quest begins upon reading the mail scattered in the doorway, where players will discover that the shop's former owner had plans to break into Vault 79 themself. As the pawn shop is an instanced area, players must leave any team they are a part of to enter. The code itself is also instanced and is reset upon logging out — players will have to complete this sidequest in one sitting or start over.


On the second story of the pawn shop, players will see a blacklight projector and chalkboard. Turning the projector on will reveal the words "cryptid, the meat, spelunker, gasman, teach, and halo" on the wall. While seemingly nonsensical, these words are actually clues that point towards the location of six Mysterious Map Fragments. Arranging the notes from the front door on the chalkboard will reveal the full idea map of hints. Following these hints, players can gather the map fragments and arrange them on the board. This will then reveal the location of Vault 79 and the code to the Mysterious Cave.

Find the map fragments

Thankfully, it seems the map fragment locations themselves are static. For those who'd like to skip the detective work, the fragment locations are as follows:

  • "Cryptid" is on the front desk of the Mothman Museum, north of Point Pleasant.
  • "The Meat" can be found on the edge of the bar on the first floor of the General's Steakhouse, located on the northern tip of the Cranberry Bog region.
  • "Spelunker" is on the checkout counter of the gift shop at Uncanny Caverns, located in the Savage Divide region east of the Mountainside Bed & Breakfast.
  • "Gasman" is also on a checkout counter at one of the southeast stations at Red Rocket Mega Stop, a workshop in the northeastern section of the Savage Divide region.
  • "Teach" is found next to one of the broken computer terminals on the second floor of the Morgantown High School, located in the area of Morgantown at the eastern tip of the Forest region.
  • "Halo" is atop one of the hallway help desks/counters at the Haven Church, located right in the middle of the river running through the Mire region.

Once all the map fragments have been gathered, players can return to the Grafton Pawn Shop, place the fragments on the board, and turn on the blacklight to reveal the code to the Mysterious Cave. Remember, the code resets if players exit the server during the sidequest, meaning players will have to redo all their hard work.