Alejandro Josan

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Lima, Peru
Universidad Peruana De Ciencias Aplicadas
The Legend Of Zelda, Assassin's Creed, Horizon
  • With a bachelor's degree in music, Alejandro decided to start over and become a video game writer.
  • He has published over 900 articles in less than a year, proving that he loves what he does.
  • Will not back down from diving into any hundred-hour game to get that specific screenshot that an article needs.


Video games have always been an essential part of Alejandro's life. OSTs made him a musician and narrative analysis convinced him to become a video game writer. Day by day, he is convinced he loves what he does and is currently studying Narrative Writing, along with Game Development and Design. His dream is to create interactive stories that will change the player's life through the narrative spots across his games.


Alejandro has a bachelor's degree in music, specializing in songwriting with further studies in music production and video game music composition. He is studying for a Professional Certificate in Video Game Writing at the University of British Columbia.

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