Chris Condry

Milwaukee, WI
UMASS Amherst
Comics, Gaming, Movies, TV,
  • Chris is a Movie and TV Feature Writer at Looper
  • As a freelance writer, he has ghostwritten or edited over a hundred articles about movies, gaming, science, and history.
  • Before writing professionally, Chris was published as a research scientist, comic book creator, and poet.


Chris is a freelance writer living in Milwaukee by way of San Francisco. A former researcher, manager, and improviser, his writing is a multidisciplinary smoothie made by blending science, comedy, art, and nerdiness. He writes both narrative and non-narrative content, both as a profession and a passion. Chris is releasing new issues of his first comic series, Blessing, which are available at


Chris studied writing, music, and biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He lived in the same dorm as the Pixies (a couple of decades later).
Stories By Chris Condry