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Where You've Seen The Cast Of The Quarry Video Game Before

Developed by Supermassive Games, a studio that dominates the interactive horror movie genre, "The Quarry" is another fun and freaky game that lets players live out their dream horror scenarios – and it is excellent. Like other SuperMassive titles such as the various entries in "The Dark Picture Anthology" and the genre measuring stick "Until Dawn," "The Quarry" is an open-ended story – so much so that it boasts 186 different endings – that is meant to be played again and again, each new set of player choices changing the game into a new experience.


To ensure players are thoroughly invested in the story and its setting throughout every new iteration, the characters of "The Quarry" are created from a "mind-blowing" motion-capture process that makes them feel every bit as real as the actors that play them. And so many of those characters, and therefore their actors, likely seem oddly familiar to many.

They run the gamut when it comes to fame and career longevity, but every one of the actors in "The Quarry" has at least a few roles that will leave their face or name on the tip of your tongue. To turn that odd familiarity into welcome recognition, here is where you've seen the cast of "The Quarry" before.

Siobhan Williams

The moment players begin "The Quarry," they're treated to a beautifully atmospheric opening credits scene. Set to a crooning ballad by Ariana Grande, the camera zips through a dark forest beneath the full moon, eventually settling on the first characters we meet, one of which is Laura Kearney. In addition to being the first playable character, Laura also proves herself one of its most resilient – she goes through more trauma than perhaps anyone (depending on your choices), including the loss of her eye at the hands (or more accurately, claws) of her boyfriend Max. Laura's long and tortuous journey is brought to life by the skilled acting of Siobhan Williams, whom you may have seen before.


Williams is young and so is her career, with barely more than a decade of roles under her belt. In that relatively short time, she's already landed some memorable roles. Comic book fans will no doubt recognize her first from her role as Dixie Mob member Brandy Lynn in Syfy's "Deadly Class." The tragically short-lived series nonetheless built itself a cult following, mainly due to its source material: the masterwork comic book of the same name from Rick Remember and Wes Craig. If that doesn't jog your memory, you may recognize Williams from her recurring roles in the Facebook Watch drama "Sacred Lies" or the ABC medical drama "Black Box."

Skyler Gisondo

The other half of the duo featured in the game's prologue is Max Brinly, Laura's boyfriend and unfortunately, the first to fall victim to one of the game's most terrifying threats: the infectious bite of a werewolf from Hackett's Quarry. Like Laura, Max goes through a lot during his long Summer in "The Quarry," and in the process is forced to feel and display a huge range of emotions and physical reactions. Luckily, he's portrayed by Skyler Gisondo, who draws from his long acting career to make Max believable and empathetic. Gisondo's been acting since he was a child, and has racked up a number of roles that you've almost certainly seen before.


Much of Gisondo's highest-profile roles came when he was young, and so players may have to imagine him de-aged a few years to place his face. One of those major childhood roles was in the "Night at the Museum" franchise – though Jake Cherry played child protagonist Nick Daley in the first two installments, Gisondo replaced him for the third film. Around the same time, he played the younger brother of Gwen Stacy in the Andrew Garfield-led "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Miles Robbins

Once the prologue ends, "The Quarry" begins with a deceptively peaceful scene, the last day of summer camp, in which we meet all of our main cast of camp counselors. As the team packs up, we're introduced to their varied personalities, all of them complex and enjoyable – one of the game's most critically praised assets. Even among all the likable characters, Dylan Lenivy manages to stand out with his disarming mix of snarkiness and vulnerability. If Dylan looks familiar to you, there are probably a few good reasons why.


Robbins's career is still new – he didn't begin acting in earnest until around 2017. Despite that, he's had a pair of memorable roles, both of them displaying some serious potential. The first was as Connor in "Blockers," i.e. the young man that John Cena spent the movie trying to "block" from being intimate with his daughter. The other role came in the 2018 "Halloween" relaunch, as the teen stoner Dave, a character who has been called the film's "unsung hero." If neither role jumps out at you and Robbins's face still looks familiar, it's likely because it's a 50/50 mix of two other famous faces. He is the son of actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

Halston Sage

Because "The Quarry" is a love letter to '80s teen horror movies, it's unsurprising that its characters represent all the classic archetypes of the genre – especially with game director Will Byles admitting his "Scooby Doo" inspirations. As Byles told Looper, "there's 'the jock' and there's 'the cheerleader.' Then, there's 'the nerdy kid' and 'the weird police guy.'" Though Byles didn't reveal which character he meant as each archetype, at least one is as clear as the light of the full moon: the cheerleader role goes to Emma Mountebank, the bubbly yet scheming social media influencer. And love them or leave them, all of Emma's quirks are brought to life by actor Halston Sage, who you may have seen before.


Sage has more claims to nerdy fame than "The Quarry," and fans of both sci-fi and Marvel may already know her work. Despite the near-total train-wreck that was Fox's "Dark Phoenix" adaptation, one of its brightest spots for Marvel fans was its inclusion of Dazzler, a fan-favorite mutant who had never been in a movie up to that point. Sage played Dazzler accurately and admirably, despite the poor movie around her. That other nerd role may surprise you even more, as it involved enough makeup to make her seem alien. Sage also played security chief Alara Kitan in the first two seasons of "The Orville."

Justice Smith

Among the younger characters of "The Quarry," the nerdy, knowledgable "silent, brooding type" Ryan Erzahler has one of the more recognizable faces. Despite all the character's demure attempts to keep the other characters at arm's reach, something about Ryan just draws them to him – and something about his face draws us in, as well. That's because he's played by Justice Smith, the young actor who rapidly rose to success in the last few years through a series of increasingly high-profile roles. Whether or not Smith is yet a household name, it's a good bet that you've seen him before.


You might have seen Smith starring opposite Elle Fanning in the critically acclaimed indie drama "All the Bright Places" on Netflix. Or, you may have seen him playing a spellcaster in the trailer for the upcoming Chris Pine-led "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves." Then again, you may know him as the young tech prodigy in "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" and "Jurassic World Dominion." But we're willing to bet, based on a combination of screen time, reviews, and box office success, you most likely know him as the star of 2019's excellent live-action "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu."

Brenda Song

Like Ryan, there's a good chance that the character of Kaitlyn Ka jogs an inkling of recognition in your brain – if not outright familiarity. Kaitlyn is one of the Hackett's Quarry camp counselors, a smart, sassy, skilled young woman who provides a disproportionate amount of the game's funniest and most bad*ss moments. As the Summer-long leader in target practice, her skills with a shotgun can prove invaluable to players if utilized correctly. If Kaitlyn's comedic chops and self-confident flair seem familiar to you, that's because they are – actor Brenda Song has put those skills on display for decades in a long list of celebrated roles.


First and foremost, millions of children growing up in the '00s saw Song on their TV daily as she appeared in a long string of Disney shows and movies. She starred in the Disney Channel original movies "The Ultimate Christmas Present" and "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior," and had recurring roles in "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd" and "Phil of the Future." More famous than all of those, however, was her starring role in "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" and its many spin-offs. After Disney, Song's career only grew as had roles in "The Social Network," "New Girl," and currently stars in the Hulu comedy "Dollface."

Zach Tinker

After your time as Laura in the prologue, the next character you'll be able to control is Jacob Custos, who appears on the surface to be just another dumb jock, but reveals himself to be as thoughtful towards others as he is insecure about himself – though we're certain that many of players, depending on their playthrough, would argue that "dumb" is still an accurate descriptor for Jacob. Though Jacob's occasional dullness isn't reflected in the actor that portrays him, his comfort in the role of the token hunk is, as actor Zach Tinker could certainly attest.


Tinker has had a busy career, packed with a variety of roles, but neither he nor anyone could object to him being referred to as primarily a soap opera actor. He spent two years playing Fenmore Baldwin on the legendary CBS soap "The Young and the Restless," for which he earned a nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series at the Daytime Emmy Awards. He later jumped ship to the NBC soap world, playing Sonny Kiriakis in the spin-off miniseries "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem." Evidently, he proved himself a worthwhile addition to the infamous Kiriakis family, as he was then added as a series regular in the main series, "Days of Our Lives."

Evan Evagora

For most players, counselor Nicholas Furcillo is the last character they will get to know with any depth. That's because the young man is shy, quiet, and spends most of the group's interactions politely waiting for his turn to speak – at least when he's not snarling through wolflike fangs. And like Nick, the actor that plays him may be the most mysterious to players, due to actor Evan Evagora's relatively short career so far, as well as his time spent beneath a "Star Trek" alien amount of makeup.


Hardcore Trekkies will no doubt have watched all of "Star Trek: Picard," one of the franchise's latest drama series, which follows the titular Jean-Luc Picard after his retirement as a Starfleet Admiral. They will therefore be familiar with Picard's young Romulan ward Elnor, who beneath the pointed ears and eyebrows, is played by Evagora. Evagora is responsible for Elnor's unique brand of brooding, telling Syfy "He's like a moody teenager. But every time he snaps, he has the potential to kill someone. That's how I played him. What if a moody teenager could just do whatever he wants whenever he flips out?" His next biggest role also hides Evagora behind a layer of makeup, in this case as a tragic burn victim who gets his own Jason Voorhees moment in the 2020 "Fantasy Island" reboot.


Ariel Winter

A lot of gamers will fall for counselor Abigail Blyg immediately. Her character is similar to Nick's (which is no coincidence, given their potential relationship); she's shy and polite, only opting to take command of situations when she truly knows the right course of action. From her first few scenes, Abigail proves herself to be smart, artistic, and most of all a huge nerd, which is sure t endear her to a good fraction of gamers. A similarly large fraction will also recognize her immediately – although she's grown up and digitized, Abigail is played by Ariel Winter, who many will know as Alex Dunphy from ABC's "Modern Family."


Winter was only 12 when she began playing Alex on "Modern Family," a role that catapulted her to worldwide recognition – and all the good and bad that comes with it. She played Alex throughout all 11 of the show's seasons, wracking up an impressive 227 performances as the sarcastic, intelligent middle Dunphy child. The majority of her remaining filmography is comprised of voice-acting roles, though fans of College Humor's comedy shorts may recognize her as their go-to actor for "Dora the Explorer."

Ted Raimi

Of all of the main characters in "The Quarry," the Hackett's Quarry sheriff, Travis Hackett, is by far the character who will force the most players to ask, "Where have I seen him before?" Due to the exceptional quality of the motion-capture process, Travis looks almost identical to the actor that portrays him, and that actor – Ted Raimi – has popped up in roles of varying prominence for over 40 years. Fans of the horror genre, in particular, are bound to recognize Raimi, both from his dozens of horror movie roles and from his illustrious last name.


To begin with, he's a Raimi, brother of acclaimed filmmaker Sam Raimi, which is responsible for Ted's roles in a huge amount of Sam's movies, including the first two "Evil Dead" movies and all three of the Tobey Maguire "Spider-Man" movies. And Ted is no slouch even without his brother, appearing in scores of roles in various movies and TV shows. One of his most notable is as the bumbling, pacifistic sidekick Joxer in "Xena: Warrior Princess." Aside from the two starring roles, Xena and Gabrielle, Ted was the most common recurring character throughout the show's entire run, and by the series's end, had become a beloved fixture.

David Arquette

On the opposite end of the spectrum as Raimi is David Arquette, almost certainly the most immediately and obviously recognizable actor in "The Quarry," especially to horror fans. Arquette plays Chris Hackett, the director of Hackett's Quarry and brother to Travis. When we first meet him, he's everything a camp director should be: fun, approachable, understanding, and still able to lead his counselors. It isn't until the counselors face the possibility of staying at camp an extra night – a night lit by a large full moon – that Chris begins showing another side of himself by acting desperate, cryptic, and dismissive towards the counselors. By the end of "The Quarry," Chris reveals another hidden side to himself, and all of these sides are performed by Arquette, an actor that almost every player will recognize.


Most apropos to fans of "The Quarry" is Arquette's status as a mainstay in the "Scream" franchise, appearing in every "Scream" movie so far. As Dewey Riley, a police deputy – and later Sheriff – Arquette is at odds with every Ghostface killer that rears their masked head. And Arquette has an almost innumerable pool of roles besides "Scream" that might trigger players' recognition, such as the tongue-in-cheek monster movie "Eight Legged Freaks," "Ready to Rumble," and even a stint as a professional wrestler in WCW.

Ethan Suplee

After Travis and Chris, the third Hackett brother (of how many in total, we won't spoil) is Bobby, and for most players, he is by far the scariest. All players will first encounter Bobby alongside his father, as the two emerge from the Hackett's Quarry woods, rifles in hand and covered in blood. As if that weren't enough, Bobby is an absolute mountain – he stands a head above all the other characters and boasts more muscle than all of them combined. You'd be forgiven for assuming that Bobby is played by some professional bodybuilder or ex-pro wrestler, but he's actually played by Ethan Suplee, the actor most famous for playing (in his own words) the token "fat guy" in a number of popular movies and TV shows throughout the '90s and '00s.


Suplee had memorable roles in movies such as "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," "American History X," "Remember the Titans," "The Butterfly Effect," and many more. He also played one of Cory Matthews' main bullies in "Boy Meets World" and Jason Lee's costar in "My Name is Earl." Not content with being tokenized – and due in part to his love for his wife – Suplee adjusted his diet and exercise routine and lost around 300 pounds, reaching what he calls his "absolute pinnacle" – the imposing form you'll see stalking the woods when you play "The Quarry."