Ryan Aston

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Salt Lake City, UT
School Of Hard Knocks
Movies, TV, Video Games
  • Ryan is a news and feature writer for Looper.
  • He has previously written about film, TV, and video games for sites like Screen Rant, The Inquisitr, and Twin Galaxies.
  • He also has many years of experience covering NBA basketball for outlets like Heavy, FanSided, and Bleacher Report. His work on the Utah Jazz has been featured by Fox Sports and USA Today.


Ryan Aston is a digital journalist who has covered a myriad of beats and topics — from the 2020 presidential election to the latest in the Kim and Kanye saga. In addition to his work with Looper, he has covered film, TV, and video games for Screen Rant and The Inquisitr. He has also written about NBA basketball for outlets like Heavy, FanSided and Bleacher Report.


Ryan learned, more than anything, from life experience and being around the entertainment and gaming industries.
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