• Reasons You Should Never Preorder A Game

    We've put together an entire list of reasons why you should never preorder the games you buy. Read it, soak it all in, and revel in the newfound power you have as a gamer and as a consumer.

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  • Mistakes That Got These Game Developers Fired

    Through all that creative chaos, mistakes are going to happen — and sometimes they can cause some serious lasting damage to the game's development, or the studio's reputation. And then there are the big bombs, the jaw dropping screw-ups that somebody, somewhere, is going to have to pay for.

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  • Times The Video Game Industry Seriously Cheated Gamers

    Those who buy consoles and games are right to be a little skeptical when it comes to what's promised by game companies. We've put together a list of several instances where the video game industry has cheated its fans, and by doing so, harmed the relationship between game companies and gamers.

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  • Shigeru Miyamoto's Biggest Mistakes

    The truth is, for the large number of successes Shigeru Miyamoto has to his name, there are a number of business decisions he's made and games he's helped steer that haven't been nearly as well received. They're tough to track down, but they do exist, and below, we'll shine a light on some of them.

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  • Games That Rip Gamers Off Big Time

    Sometimes a game will debut that picks the player's pockets, and runs to the bank. These aren't just cases where the game wasn't very good: these are intentional steps to milk the consumer for every last penny, in exchange for…not much. Here are the games that rip off gamers...big time.

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  • Why Blizzard Won't Release Diablo 4

    Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo revolutionized the computer role-playing game genre. And the Hellfire ​expansion, Diablo II, the Lord of Destruction ​expansion, and Diablo III were all smash hits for the studio. So Diablo 4 should be just around the corner, right? Well...maybe not.

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  • Destiny: The Untold Truth Of Bungie's Halo Follow-Up

    Destiny had an impossible task: follow the success of Halo and somehow top it. While the first game had modest reviews, it still earned huge success. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 had just the opposite journey. Why? And what happened to make a stream of Bungie employees exit the project over the years?

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  • The True Story Of The Sega Saturn

    How did Sega go from hardware-producing juggernaut to mid-sized software publisher? The answers all lead back to one specific platform: the Sega Saturn

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  • Gaming Trends Nobody Asked For

    From "cutting-edge" hardware that went nowhere, to business decisions that screwed gamers over, here are some gaming trends that nobody asked for.

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  • Sega's Biggest Mistakes

    How could a company so good at what they did fall apart so rapidly? It's as easy as one ridiculous mistake after another.

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