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Splatoon 3: How To Unlock The Catalog

After years of anticipation, "Splatoon 3" is finally here and fans and critics are loving it. The latest entry in the third-person shooter series improves on what came before and introduces some fun, new game modes to try. Between a multiplayer experience that's better than ever and a single player campaign that offers a short but sweet challenge and interesting story, fans will have plenty to do in Splatsville.

As they dive into the colorful world of "Splatoon 3," gamers will want to gain access to the Catalog as soon as possible. Functioning like a battle pass in other competitive shooters, the Catalog allows players to unlock rewards and upgrades by competing in online battles and the co-op Salmon Run to raise their Catalog level.

According to Nintendo, a new Catalog will be released every three months for the next two years so there's no time like the present to unlock it and start earning bonuses before a new Catalog comes out. Fortunately, while leveling up the Catalog will be a challenge, getting ahold of it is quite simple.

Find the Catalog in Hotlantis

As Twinfinite lays out, acquiring the Catalog requires a player to first hit level four in the game. Once that's accomplished, they just need to head to the general store in Splatsville known as Hotlantis. Once there, talking to Harmony, the octoling who runs the shop, will get her to give out the Catalog.

As for leveling up and hitting the required level four, this will happen naturally as players explore the game and enjoy different content. Still, for anyone who can't wait to grab the Catalog, Sportskeeda has some tips for those who want to level up as quickly as possible.

Taking part in ranked Anarchy Battles is a great source of XP for players who can stand up to the intense competition. Moving through the ranks and racking up wins will earn players increasing amounts of experience. For those who want to speed things up even more, the Crab N Go offers items that can increase the XP players earn during gameplay. These items require tickets that are, themselves, earned in the single player campaign and during Salmon Run matches. So ultimately, pretty much any activity in the game will contribute to leveling up in one way or another so players can just have fun and know that they'll hit level four soon enough.

As long as one knows where to look, they'll have the Catalog in no time and be unlocking all sorts of bonuses to make a fun game all the more engaging.