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How To Get A Bigger Locker In Splatoon 3

"Splatoon 3" has exceeded all expectations. Early reactions were unanimous in praising Nintendo's third-person shooter series for retaining its core elements while expanding on the gameplay to make its world feel fun and engaging. One of the features Nintendo added to "Splatoon 3" is the Locker Room, which holds way more potential than may initially seem obvious.

The Locker Room in "Splatoon 3" is exactly what it sounds like — a room filled with lockers where players can store sentimental items in small steel containers. Players are granted access to the Locker Room after reaching Level 4 and can immediately start storing items bought from the in-game store inside their own personal lockers and customize them for other players to see. They've even been used for some hilarious jokes involving sculptures (per Polygon).

The base locker given to you in "Splatoon 3" is pretty small and will only house a handful of objects inside. Thankfully, there is a way for you to upgrade to a bigger one.

Level 15 unlocks the bigger locker and more customization

If you want a bigger locker than the small one you're given, it's going to take some work. Players must reach Level 15 to unlock a bigger locker, which they can then customize as much as they want (per Game Rant). This can be achieved by playing traditional game modes like Turf War. However, if you want to level up a bit more quickly, Maxwell Jeffery of Gaming Intel recommends players use Food for the XP boost it provides or play higher stakes modes like Anarchy Battles. Winning your online matches also levels you up more quickly.

Upon reaching Level 15 and returning to the locker room, you should notice a small red exclamation point hovering above your locker. Upon interacting with your it, you will be given a notification that you will be receiving a bigger locker. This allows you to put a few more items. A bigger locker also means you now have the ability to change its color from the default gray to something that is much more your speed.

As shown by YouTuber Vicvillon, the customization options for lockers in "Splatoon 3" are actually pretty intuitive. Whatever objects you've purchased from the general store can be placed wherever you see fit and in tandem with other items as well. Now that you have a bigger locker with more space, customization opens up even more possibilities.