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The GTA 6 Leak Shows A Significant Change To The Inventory System

Whether you're stealing a car or evading the police in a high-speed chase, "Grand Theft Auto" offers a variety of activities for players to enjoy in the criminal underworld. After years of waiting for information on the next game to drop, fans of the franchise are losing their minds over a massive leak that gives us a glimpse of what to expect from "Grand Theft Auto 6," confirming rumors of the first playable female protagonist in the series' history. Originating from a post on GTA forums, the leak includes more than 90 videos uploaded by a user named teapotuberhacker, who seemingly has a record of taking part in data leaks. Along with introducing mechanics that will allow more interaction with NPCs, the game will be making adjustments to its inventory system as well.

"GTA" players are used to having the inventory system operating in a certain way. Players are familiar with "GTA" having a weapon wheel that allows you to use every single gun you have. However, the inventory UI shown in "Grand Theft Auto 6" leak seemingly indicates that the minds behind the game are trying to streamline the equipping process.

The inventory system is getting an update in GTA 6

The footage leaked online seems to indicate that the inventory settings in the game have been reworked (via IGN). In previous iterations of "Grand Theft Auto," the inventory wheel allowed players to swap through all the different types of firearms at their disposal. One clip indicates that players will now have the option to use the D-pad to put on what looks like body armor or utilize a medkit and pills. This healing method marks a difference from "GTA 5." Instead of stopping to navigate a separate menu, it looks like "Grand Theft Auto 6" will allow you to heal quickly, without stopping the flow of gameplay. 

Additionally, it seems as though players will be able to choose weapons to assign to both the primary and secondary hand slots on the fly, allowing them to switch between two preferred firearms without reopening the inventory wheel. The leaked footage further indicated that the player will be able to use the weapon wheel to access a duffel bag, worn by their character, which seems to be able to hold extra inventory items. Whether the duffel bag is something found on the map or an object your character has access to at all times, it's sure to bring more variety to gameplay. Ultimately, the footage points to the fact that the next version of "Grand Theft Auto" will give players more options to play the game in their own way.