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Diablo 4 Is The Latest Huge Game To Get Leaked

The leaks just keep coming. Soon after "GTA 6" was hit with its massive leak, a Reddit user by the name of iV1rus0 posted what looks to be over 40 minutes of "Diablo 4" footage spread across two videos. The footage in question, plastered with "Private Test Build" across the screen, is theorized to be from the friends and family alpha that began earlier this year.

The leaked videos, if legit, feature never before seen gameplay footage of the upcoming game. In the lengthier 38-minute video, the player embarked on various quests and explored a dungeon that resulted in them conquering a Snake Queen boss. At the same time, the shorter video showcased the player visiting the in-game cosmetic shop. However, both videos are riddled with placeholder assets, such as untextured environments and text-to-speech voices on quest-giving NPCs.

Based on the various Discord notification sounds heard throughout the recording, the footage is believed to be taken from a Discord livestream. And according to the viewers present during the stream, the unknown leaker just randomly joined the Discord server and began streaming. If the footage is legit, it could spell big trouble for the employee that distributed the build, as they likely won't be hard to track down, according to Reddit.