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Diablo 4 Leak Apparently Reveals A Major Quality Of Life Inventory Upgrade

"Diablo 4" just joined the list of video game-related leaks. In a series of videos, the leaked build of "Diablo 4" showcased in-progress systems like a cosmetic shop and inventory upgrades. "Diablo" fans seemed especially excited about the early build's quality of life updates to its inventory. 


Redditor KurtiZ_TSW, just one of the many fans who watched the leaks, compiled a thread of all the notable information from the video, including new skills, items, and gems in the game. One of the biggest things they noticed was crafting recipes, which apparently require certain character levels to learn. Durability has also been incorporated into the game, although they didn't explain to what extent. It could be as controversial as "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" weapon durability for all we know. 

KurtiZ_TSW noted the ability to mark items as "Junk" from the inventory menu. "You can bulk salvage all white, magic, rare items etc," added KurtiZ_TSW, who called it a "nice qol" (quality of life) upgrade.


They weren't the only one who noticed the changes to inventory, either. Here's what else fans had to say about the leaked "Diablo 4" inventory upgrade.

What else does Diablo 4 have in store?

Redditor Illustrious-One-2783 added to KurtiZ_TSW's list with their own notes. "I noticed inventory tabs to [organize] your loot. Very welcome [quality of life update]," they wrote. The tabs were equipment, consumables, quest, and essences.


"I guess essences are important and we'll be collecting a lot of them. Maybe this is crafting materials," they mused. However, there was no crafting inventory for charms. "I think it would be cool to see charms get released on the first big expansion after a year or so and balancing, so that charms could provide a way for people to fill gaps in their builds that may be keeping certain builds out of the meta," they speculated.

"Diablo" fans were interested changes outside the inventory too. Redditor OkTwo367 mentioned a silent chest requiring a "key of whispers," "secret caches around the maps that increase stats for all characters in the current realm, a dungeon reset button built into the UI, dungeons with multiple unlockable zones, and mobs clearly tagged with their affixed."


There's discourse about whether video game leaks hurt or help the industry. At the very least, this one succeeded in exciting "Diablo" fans. It's one of the biggest content "drops" that the game has received since it was delayed with "Overwatch 2."

"I can not wait for this game to come out. We are in a major lull right now. It would've been perfect right now, but good lord I can't wait," said Redditor HardlLuck.