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Fall Guys: The 2 Best And 2 Worst New Rounds In Season Two

The new, space themed, Season 2 of "Fall Guys" just launched (no pun intended) with a host of new content and goodies for fans to enjoy. It includes a new battle pass with new costumes to unlock, including characters from the "Alien" and "Star Trek" franchises, as well as new rounds to challenge fans.


As is always the case when a popular game receives new content, debate has already begun regarding which parts are the best and which parts aren't up to scratch. Currently, this debate is swirling around the new rounds added to the game and, with eight new maps added to the mix this season (per GameRant), there's certainly plenty to talk about. While this discussion is only just beginning and there's still plenty of back and forth between gamers online, some rounds have emerged as new fan favorites while others just aren't getting much love. 

Based on recent debate, it's safe to say there are two rounds that have emerged as the best of the bunch and two that are definitely the worst.

The two best

Most of the new rounds have received at least some praise online, but one that has stood out in discussions on Reddit has been Hex-A-Terrestrial. It makes sense that this round would stand out as a favorite considering that it's a reimagining of Hex-A-Gone, which Gamepur called one of the best rounds in the game. This is a final round that features hexes which actually reappear after they've been stepped on even as other hexes disappear for good.


Another round to get special mention from fans is the new Space Race. Commenters on YouTube have singled out this round as one of the more entertaining additions to the lineup. While, as GameRant points out, there's nothing particularly novel about this race round, it's fun new aesthetics and obstacles that fit with the space theme keep things interesting. Racing opponents across a platform in outer space makes for an exciting and challenging experience.

The two worst

Sometimes developers don't quite hit the mark and new content doesn't work. That can certainly be said of Pixel Painters in this new season. Across Reddit and YouTube, this round is consistently listed as players' least favorite. The premise may sound like fun. Two teams race to eliminate tiles to match a pattern. The issue, however, is that this requires precise teamwork and even one poor performance can sink a team. More than a few fans have been frustrated to see their hard work go to waste and recommend only playing this one when you have friends to join you on your team.


Another round that fans are finding more frustrating than fun is Starchart. Another race round, Startchart requires players to find hidden paths across the map while dodgings asteroids. While fun in theory, the fact that the paths are invisible means players can sometimes find themselves hitting dead ends through no fault of their own. Losing because you miscalculated or your reflexes weren't on point is one thing, losing because you guessed wrong when the round began is something else. While all the rounds are worth trying, this likely isn't one many will want to come back to.