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Fall Guys: How To Get The Star Trek And Alien Costumes

As part of the recently released space-themed Season 2 of "Fall Guys," players can earn dozens and dozens of new skins and cosmetics related to space and well-known sci-fi properties. Two of these properties, the "Alien" and "Star Trek" franchises, received direct tie-ins with "Fall Guys" rather than just references. As such, players can now don skins of the Xenomorph, Spock, and even the mask of Hugh, a more obscure Borg Drone from "The Next Generation" series of "Star Trek". That's not quite all, though, as players can also earn titles, emotes, and nameplates from these franchises as well.


"Fall Guys" recently adopted a free-to-play model to some controversy, and now offers both a free Battle Pass and a paid Battle Pass. The vast majority of "Alien" and "Star Trek" unlockables in "Fall Guys" are locked behind the paid version of this Battle Pass, though there are still some "Fall Guys" freebie cosmetics that can be earned without paying anything. To unlock the "Alien" and "Star Trek" skins in "Fall Guys," players must earn XP to progress their Battle Pass and reach each cosmetic's associated level. The first one most players will unlock, at Battle Pass level 6, is from "Alien."

How to unlock the Alien cosmetics in Fall Guys

For its crossover with the "Alien" movies, "Fall Guys" adds a handful of unique items. The top and bottom half of the Xenomorph skin itself are earned separately from each other, and the other three "Alien" cosmetics include a nameplate design, a nickname, and a new celebration emote depicting one of the most iconic "Alien" moments: the chestburster scene. 

  • Chestburster Celebration: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 6, shows the winning player turn around, look behind their shoulder, then pull a golden Xenomorph from out of their chest, not usable as a regular emote
  • Xenomorph Nameplate: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 8, depicts a Xenomorph from "Alien" to the left of the player's username and nickname
  • Xenomorph Nickname: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 10, changes player's nickname/title to "Xenomorph"
  • Xenomorph costume Bottom: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 11, one half of the full Xenomorph costume
  • Xenomorph costume Top: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 13, other half of the full Xenomorph costume

The Xenomorph "Fall Guys" cosmetics are unlocked relatively early into the Season 2 Battle Pass. Most players will have little difficulty in ranking up to level 13 to unlock every new "Alien" item in "Fall Guys," but impatient players can always purchase Battle Pass tier skips to speed the process of unlocking "Alien" cosmetics.

How to unlock the Star Trek cosmetics in Fall Guys

The new "Star Trek" crossover for "Fall Guys" includes not one, but two Costumes (if you count a mask as its own skin), making for six new items. The most sought-after will no doubt be both halves of a costume depicting Spock from the original "Star Trek" series, but "Fall Guys" also represents "The Next Generation" and "Voyager" with two Borg-related cosmetics.

  • Live Long And Prosper Nameplate: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 38, depicts a hand doing the iconic Vulcan Salute in cartoon form
  • Four of Eight Nickname: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 42, changes player's nickname to "Four of Eight," a reference to the Borg naming conventions, like Seven of Nine from "Voyager"
  • Hugh's Borg Mask: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 43, a wearable piece of headgear that references Hugh, a former Borg drone from "The Next Generation"
  • Live Long and Prosper Emote: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 46, shows player raise their hand up and perform the Vulcan Salute, usable in-game as an equippable emote
  • Spock costume Bottom: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 49, one half of the full Spock costume
  • Spock costume Top: Unlocked at Battle Pass level 52, other half of the full Spock costume

While players can quickly get a head start on "Fall Guys" new "Alien" cosmetics, as they are unlocked early into the Battle Pass, the "Star Trek" items are a bit further in. They become available mid-way in the Battle Pass at level 38. It could be worse for "Star Trek" fans, though. The Season 2 Battle Pass also includes a Hatsune Miku costume, both halves of which can only be unlocked by reaching Battle Pass levels 98 and 99.