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Deathloop: Here's How To Open The Gate In Updaam

"Deathloop," the FPS and assassination game released in September 2021 to solid reviews. It featured a sci-fi story and novel game mechanics built around replaying the same day to learn enemy patterns and improve with each loop. While not a particularly long game, it received praise for its novel gameplay and unique multiplayer mode that kept the action fresh across multiple playthroughs.


Since its release, Arkane has continued to build on the game and improve the experience. In September 2022, it released the free "Goldenloop ” update that gave fans a reason to jump back into Blackreef island and new players an excuse to finally check it out.

With new players getting in on the fun and working to unlock "Deathloop's" secrets, some are finding some obstacles particularly challenging. Specifically, more than a few fans have had trouble getting past the Updaam gate since the game launched and have been seeking help online.

For any those struggling to get past this mysterious gate, the solution is surprisingly and deceptively simple.

The note is the key to Updaam gate

Getting through Updaam gate is necessary for quickly moving between the upper and lower tunnels on the map without the use of special abilities and, as TheGamer points out, this gate is locked with a code that is randomized so players can't simply look up the answer. Instead, everyone needs to solve the puzzle and open the gate the hard way. Fortunately, the hard way isn't very hard when one knows what to look for.


Simply begin by approaching the gate. Up close, one can see a note stuck to it that can be read. Reading the note will reveal that the gate is broken and offer a hint to getting through. According to the author, everytime the nearby phone rings, the gate opens. Most players will probably guess what they have to do at this point.

Turning around, players will see some stairs to their right leading to a balcony overlooking the gate. On the balcony are some phone booths that can be hacked. Hacking one will ring the phone, opening the gate and giving the player the gate's code that will work for subsequent loops that playthrough.

That's all there is to it. A video courtesy of Attack of the Fanboy can help anyone still struggling to find their way to the phones but actually opening the gates is as easy as making a phone call.