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Deathloop: The Best Tips For Defeating Julianna

When it released in September 2021, "Deathloop" received solid reviews for its unique gameplay built around using timeloops to replay the same day to learn enemy patterns and craft the perfect playthrough. While the game was on the shorter side and replaying the same day over and over risked growing repetitive, "Deathloop" incorporated one feature that was praised for keeping the game fresh over the long term.

While the premise of the game is that time resets every night and everyone on Blackreef island except protagonist Colt Vahn forgets the previous day, there is one enemy that also remembers previous events. Chief antagonist Julianna is dedicated to stopping Colt and preserving the time loop and will hunt him throughout the game. Further, the game allows players to take on the role of Julianna, jumping into other player's games, increasing the challenge and ensuring that no playthrough will ever be exactly the same.

This unpredictability, along with Julianna's toughness and new ability upgrades she received in the new "Goldenloop" update, mean she is one of the biggest threats player's will face in the game. As such, many will need every tip and trick at their disposal to survive and defeat Julianna.

Preparation and tactics are key to beating Julianna

In a confrontation with Julianna, Gfinity emphasizes the importance of seeing her before she can see you. Using Shift and Aether (two of the best abilities in the game) to move quickly and stealthily can help ensure that a fight happens on your terms. Also be sure to watch out for Julianna's use of disguises so she doesn't get the drop on you and keep an eye on rooftops as many human players will go for a high vantage point to hunt players.

Once combat is joined, GameRant notes that having the right weapons and equipment is vital to victory. Bringing a high powered sniper rifle like the Sepulchra Breteira is a great option for players that like to fight at a distance while Colt's machete is preferable for players who want to settle things up close and personal.

IGN also notes that there are long and close range options for defeating Julianna. For long range kills, headshots and rapid fire, combined with a good dose of explosives is key. At close range, kicks are very effective at stunning Julianna to set her up for a machete or shotgun attack.

Julianna is no pushover but these tips can give a player the edge and hopefully secure them a victory in combat. If anyone is still having trouble, they can always try an alternative, more complicated strategy based on subterfuge that one clever Redditor has invented.