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The One Metal: Hellsinger Mission That's Practically Impossible

For the most part, gamers love a good challenge. It's because of this that notoriously difficult games such as "Elden Ring" have thrived in the gaming market, earning both acclaim from critics and commercial success. And for as much as critics have enjoyed it, some players have had a difficult time with some of the challenges in "Metal: Hellsinger," a new offering from the team at The Outsiders.


For those unaware of the title, "Metal: Hellsinger" is a rhythm-based first-person shooter that requires players to journey through eight levels of Hell to the tune of a hard-hitting metal soundtrack that their attacks must match for maximum damage. Early on in the game's cycle, reviewers have been unanimously warm towards the title, though its short runtime will surely divide some gamers on the overall experience. However, even the folks who love the game are not in love with everything that "Metal: Hellsinger" brings to the table, and one area particular seems to be giving them an unending amount of frustration: the Nihil section of the game.

The Nihil section is challenging, but there is a way to beat it

The home to arguably the toughest and most frustrating boss battle is during the Nihil level, in which players will encounter the Nihil Red Judge Aspect. But unlike other times you'll face a Red Judge aspect in the game, there are two that you'll have to dispatch in Nihil. The level is so infuriating that Reddit user u/NeeroX-_- said that they found the Nihil boss fight to be the worst point of the game, and that they dread doing it each time they replay "Metal: Hellsinger." They specifically pointed to the frustration deciding "which one to shoot [and] them going invulnerable and moving right after you do." Others agreed with this, saying it took them multiple tries to finally kill the bosses and progress through the game. However, there does seem to be a way for players to get through it.


According to u/E_K_ Finnman, using The Hounds — a.k.a. the pistols Cerberus and Orthrus — helped them to put down the enemies. Finnman also suggested that playing wild is really the only option sometimes, and that they basically won by indiscriminately shooting until their hits started registering. "I didn't even know the correct one has a different colored head, I just kept shooting until damage values started popping up," Finnman said of their experience. Sometimes it really does come down to trial and error.