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Metal: Hellsinger: How To Beat The Red Judge Final Boss

Heavy metal and first-person shooting collide in "Metal: Hellsinger" which sees players taking on the forces of Hell to a headbanging soundtrack. Fans of classic shooters like "Doom" should feel a wave of nostalgia as they battle demonic foes in fast-paced, over the top combat to the sounds of gunfire and hard rock. The music isn't just for ambience though. "Metal: Hellsinger" is also a rhythm game in which syncing up attacks to the music increases your power.

Critics are raving about the game and its interesting and exciting blend of genres. Perhaps the only major criticism has been that it's on the shorter side, which has left fans wanting more.

Though it may be brief, "Metal: Hellsinger" still offers plenty of action and challenges, including some excellent boss battles. At the end of each chapter, players are tasked with taking on an aspect of the Red Judge and defeating her. This begins with Voke's Red Judge aspect and culminates with a final showdown in Sheol. This final boss fight will test the skill and rhythm gamers have developed over the course of their adventure and push them to their limits. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to make this finale more manageable and assure victory over the Red Judge.

Beginning the fight against Red Judge

This fight is especially tough as it involves three phases that take place in different areas, with the Red Judge employing different attacks. It'll be necessary to pay learn each type of attack to successfully defeat the Red Judge.

In phase one, players will want to target the glowing spot on the Red Judge's torso while avoiding her fireball attacks. In addition to the regular fireballs, the Red Judge will also employ wide-reaching attacks that are indicated by a glowing red circle on the ground and final ground slam with her hand. This ground slam will mark the beginning of phase two, which is when players will immediately want to head up the stairs and get on the upper platform. 

Moving quickly here is vital; the ground will become electrified as the fight transitions to phase two. On the way up the stairs, players will pass some green crystals that can be used if they're in need of some healing. Once on the platform, the next phase will begin. Unfortunately, there's a lot less room up here to maneuver. 

Defeating the Red Judge

For phase two, the glowing weak spots are now located on the Red Judge's shoulder and wrists. Players must once again target these spots to the beat of the music while avoiding her attacks, which will now include a sword attack that should be jumped over. Take out the second batch of weak points to move to the third and final phase.

The fight will move back to ground (thankfully) and the Red Judge will call upon three helpers. Take out these enemies as quickly as possible while the Red Judge is still stunned. Once they're down, focus on her new weak points: the eyes. After enough damage has been done, a final wave of enemies will be summoned that must be dealt with while dodging fireballs. Taking them out will cause the Red Judge to begin pulling herself pathetically towards the player. Focus on the remaining weak spot — the left eye — to finish off the boss as quickly as possible.

Getting a feel for the flow of the battle and boss' visual cues will take a bit of practice, but it'll be worth it when you take out the demonic Red Judge once and for all.