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Stellar Blade - What We Know So Far

Remember "Project Eve?" Well, while there is no longer a game by that title in production, the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action-adventure is still coming to life, just in a different form. Enter "Stellar Blade," the new title for what was once "Project Eve." This change was revealed at Sony's Sept. 13, 2022 State of Play event, along with news about games including "God Of War: Ragnarok" and "Tekken 8," among others. All the other big announcements may have caused some to miss the crucial details about "Stellar Blade."

With the announcement of the new title, the folks behind "Stellar Blade" also released a plentitude of information about the game. Add that to all that had already been shared in the initial "Project Eve" days, and there's a plethora of content to get fans hyped for the mind-bending space chaos to come. Here's a comprehensive look at everything players know about "Stellar Blade" so far, including the most recent updates from the State of Play.

When is the release date for Stellar Blade?

Gamers got an official release window alongside the new story trailer during 2022's September State of Play. "Stellar Blade" is set to debut in 2023. A firm timeline and title being shared at once is big news for "Stellar Blade." A post on the PlayStation blog explained the name change: "The title is a combination of 'Stellar,' which signifies stars in Latin, and 'Blade,' which defines Eve's existence. Where the point of that blade will lead you to, that's entirely up to you." 

Now, gamers have a firm roadmap pointing them towards "Stellar Blade," as well as a deeper understanding of the game's new name. Clearly, these important details demonstrate that "Stellar Blade" has made great strides in development since the last update came out in 2021 in the form of a trailer – but is there a new trailer now, a year later?

Is there a trailer for Stellar Blade?

So far, there are two trailers for "Stellar Blade." The first was released when the game was revealed at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, and it features a four-minute cinematic look at the game, highlighting a bit of plotline involving invasive creatures as well as showcasing some sick combat.

More recently, Sony dropped the next look at the game at the Sept. 13, 2022 State of Play event. The two-and-a-half minute story trailer features a mix of promotional cinematics and actual gameplay footage. It kicks off with a cyborg-like person describing the fateful day of a takeover and the fall of humanity. Cut to a spaceship traversing what's explained to be Xion, city of the abandoned. Somewhere underground, Eve and company are gathered in the presence of a confusing array of lights and technology that serve as the home to people in a deep sleep. Eve is enlisted to help bring them back.

There's another dramatic cut to a fight scene with a NA:tive, the zombie-like invader enemies who Eve slays with a variety of weapons, foreshadowing the game's thrilling combat. She invokes Mother Sphere, even though those around her don't believe in her. The trailer wraps with the same cyborg-like person from the start, as he asks Eve to save them all ... this time.

What will gameplay be like in Stellar Blade?

There was a decent amount of information about gameplay available from the "Project Eve" days of the "Stellar Blade" production, including a focus on intricate combat as well as engaging opportunities to adventure through mysterious environments. Now, there's even more gameplay information available thanks to a September 2022 PlayStation blog post written by Kim Hyung Tae — developing studio Shift Up's Director.

As explained in the blog, "Stellar Blade" revolves around Eve's quest to save a dilapidated Earth with few survivors. Taken over by the invading NA:tive, the only remaining human city, Xion, serves as players' focus in "Stellar Blade." Relationships are key in Eve's journey, and player choice is an important factor in the plot, since players can decide whether or not to assist the survivors.

Flashy combat is a given, as are intense bosses, at least according to the game's creators. Eve has an abundance of combos, plus special Beta Skills and Burst Skills to keep things consistently fresh in battle — there aren't too many details on those skills yet, but they will be more intense and complex than standard skills. Combat weaves into plot in "Stellar Blade," as the PlayStation blog spelled out: "All these actions will allow you to further immerse yourself into the story and understand Eve's emotions." All in all, "Stellar Blade" promises an immersive and complex gaming experience, while adding yet another strong female protagonist to PlayStation's roster.