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Everything We Know About Videogamedunkey's New Game Publisher, Bigmode

YouTuber videogamedunkey has been talking about and reviewing games since 2010. His often funny, sometimes serious videos highlight what he believes are some of the best games in the industry and call out some of the biggest disappointments. Over the last decade, Dunkey's passion has helped him amass a following of millions of subscribers and now he's looking to use his knowledge and influence to help aspiring game developers bring great games to the public.


On Sept. 21, in a video posted to his YouTube channel, Dunkey offered his fans and game developers a first look at Bigmode. The new game publishing company, founded and led by him and his wife, Leah, will focus on helping smaller developers working on indie games.

Every year, independent development teams and studios produce smaller games without the resources of the big developers and some of these games turn out to be among the best of the year. Sadly, many players miss these amazing games due to a lack of marketing or other support. Dunkey and Leah are looking to change that with Bigmode.

Bigmode will support indie developers

The new publisher is just starting up and there's not much information available about it yet. Still, Dunkey's announcement video covers the basics and offers a sense of the company's plans and philosophy.


Dunkey emphasizes that this company is a passion project for Leah and himself and that they want to work with developers that share that passion. He also stresses that he only intends to back projects he believes in, and that this is not about money but about seeing great games succeed. In essence, anything published by Bigmode will implicitly carry Dunkey's personal seal of approval.

Dunkey's ethics and commitment to not using this as a simple "cash grab" are evident in some of Bigmode's policies. On the company's website, prospective developers are told that Bigmode will not publish any game that involves the use of NFTs, crypto, or blockchain. All of the controversial topics that big companies like Square Enix and games like "Minecraft" have taken stands on will have no place in Bigmode's titles.


Beyond these hints about the publisher's values and goals, not much else is known at this time. No games have been announced and its Twitter account and YouTube channel are currently empty. Still, Dunkey appears excited about the project and, based on the networking section of the companies website, Bigmode seems poised to expand in the near future. This should be a company for indie fans to keep an eye on.