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Modern Warfare 2: The 2 Best And 2 Worst Weapons In The Open Beta

The "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2" open beta is fresh off the heels of its opening weekend, with gamers everywhere getting a small taste of what "Modern Warfare 2" will offer when it hits shelves on Oct. 28. During the beta, fans experienced some of the new exciting upgrades and changes coming with this sequel. One of the most notable updates pertains to how weapon customization works.


"Modern Warfare 2" brings a new, improved weapons customization feature called Gunsmith 2.0. This, combined with the sizable list of new and returning guns in the beta (per thenerdstash), allows players to experiment and find the weapons that are right for them. But as long-time "Call of Duty" fans will know, not all weapons are created equal. So, it's good to know what guns are top tier and which ones players should avoid. So, here are the two best and two worst weapons in the "Call of Duty MW2" beta.

Best: M4

The M4's in-game description reads "jack of all trades that performs well in most combat scenarios." And anyone who equips the M4 will find that to be an apt description. The M4 is an assault rifle that excels at almost everything, providing solid damage and accuracy at close, medium, and long range (per Theloadout).


Some gamers have even said other guns feel like they are firing blanks compared to the M4. But it's not just casual players who believe the M4 reigns supreme in the "MW2" Beta. High-level players such as FaZe Swagg also feel that the M4 is one of the best in the beta and deserves its popularity.

Additionally, as Cbass pointed out in their YouTube video, there is more than one way to spec the M4. Players can build the gun to excel at medium-range battles or even throw on a scope, transforming the M4 into a long-range battle beast, as showcased by easynow on YouTube. And not only is it one of the best guns in the beta it is available to all players right out of the gate. So players can start customizing the gun as soon as level 1.


Worst: M16

The M16 burst rifle can feel like a worse version of the M4 to some, as it has a decreased base recoil control and fire rate. YouTubers like Brothers Gaming have called it the worst gun in the beta, citing its recoil as unbearable. However, the comments on the aforementioned video highlight that some believe that the M16 has the upper hand when it comes to headshot damage. The few upsides to using the M16, such as its considerable range, aren't enough to outshine the M4.


The recent patch notes for beta weekend 2 show that the M16 received a "minor" buff to its hip fire spread, although if this patch buffed the M16 enough to make it a top-tier contender is still up in the air. Still, this buff, combined with the increasing number of guides online claiming to have "cracked the M16," could make the M16 worth another try. To unlock the M16, players must first level the M4 to level 15, then level the 556 Icarus to level 12.

Best: Lachmann Sub (MP5)

Gamers that employ a run-and-gun playstyle in "Call of Duty" will find that the Lachmann Sub SMG, formally known as the MP5, is the ideal weapon. This SMG dispatches foes quickly thanks to its extremely quick fire rate and solid recoil control. For years, the MP5 has been a solid close-range SMG choice in "Call of Duty" games such as "Warzone," and "MW2" is no exception. Some even argue it is even more overpowered in "MW2," due to it being one of the few guns that can scope in quickly enough to beat already scoped-in opponents if specced correctly, according to YouTuber Jdog.


During the first beta weekend, the Lachmann Sub was only unlockable via a trick in the Gunsmith. However, because players' level cap was increased for the second beta weekend, anyone can unlock the gun legitimately by reaching level 16. Once level 16, players will gain access to the Lachmann 762, which they can level up to unlock the Sub conversion (per Nerdstash). And now that all players now have easy access to the gun build guides are popping up everywhere, providing players with the optimal perks and attachments to convert the Lachmann Sub into a killing machine.

Worst: Lockwood MK2

The Lockwood MK2 is a lever action gun that fails to perform in most scenarios. Many have reported marksman rifles to be weak in "MW2" beta due to the game having an extremely fast time to kill compared to the previous "Call of Duty" games. So, some well-placed shot with any gun can result in a fast kill, not just marksman rifles. And because marksman rifles have a slower rate of fire, if the player misses, they most likely will be gunned down before they have a chance to fire again. In addition, because the Lockwood MK2 doesn't have the range of the Signal 50, it's not a great choice for sniping, either.


Unfortunately for fans of the Lockwood MK2, the gun did not receive a buff for the second beta weekend. Still, those that have not unlocked the gun already and wish to can do so by reaching player level 23 (per esports.gg).