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The Origins Of The Dream SMP Minecraft Server Explained

Dream is a popular YouTuber known for keeping his face and identity secret and for playing "Minecraft." Since 2020, he has risen to gaming stardom, currently having over 30 million subscribers on his channel. While his secret face isn't likely to remain secret much longer with his recently announced plans to finally reveal it, he remains a big player in the "Minecraft" community along with a group of friends known as the Dream Team.

While he does plenty of solo playthroughs and one-off events with a few collaborators, Dream also operates a very exclusive and persistent server where he and a large cast of other players engage in an ongoing game, complete with roleplaying, major events, and detailed lore and backstory.

The Dream SMP "Minecraft" server has grown over the years in terms of players, characters, and fans and has since taken on a life of its own, complete with its own page on the Dream Team wiki, websites to track all the events and previous videos, and even an IMDB entry that contributed to the server's epic story. While it is now a major project with a story rivaling something like "Lord of the Rings," it began as something much smaller and grew over time.

Roleplaying with Dream and friends

The Dream SMP (short for survival multiplayer) server, began with just a few members of the Dream Team in May of 2020 (per Dot Esports). Set up as a server for Dream and his friends to play together, it quickly attracted more YouTubers and content creators, many of whom would join regularly, creating one or more characters with their own stories and motivations to roleplay an evolving story. With so many creative people, it's not surprising this experiment in long-term roleplaying proved successful.

Featuring a mix of scripted stories and improvisation, Dream and his crew will plan out big events that will happen but then let players act out how they respond to them, much like a session of "D&D" or other TTRPG. Over the last couple years, alliances have formed, wars have occurred, and major events have unfolded for fans to watch and enjoy.

While the story is ongoing and various streamers are regularly dropping in and out, joining the server is by invite only. As Dot Esports has reported, the server is whitelisted, meaning only players with express permission can log in. This keeps the server as a private playground for those the Dream Team trusts to play nice and contribute to the narrative.

The story is currently ongoing with no indication that it will end anytime soon. So, for any fans of "Minecraft," Dream, or epic roleplaying, it's always a good time to start following the action.