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NBA 2K23: How To Unlock Rebirth

Starting a new MyPlayer in NBA 2K can be an intimidating proposition. It often takes quite some time and a whole lot of VC (Virtual Currency) to get your player up to a rating high enough to effectively compete online. That being the case, one feature in 2K offers players a bit of a shortcut. That feature is called Rebirth. With Rebirth, players can create a second MyPlayer who requires a lot less grinding to level up. Now, there are a few caveats and prerequisites to using Rebirth but, even then, most players looking to create a second character will likely feel that it's worth the process. 


Upon using Rebirth, players will instantly be able to start their new character at a 90 OVR (overall) rating. Rebirth characters will also have 25 badge points to spend. Here's where perhaps the biggest caveat for Rebirth comes into play. In order to acquire those specs, players will still need to spend roughly 200,000 VC. That's a lot, but many dedicated 2K players may feel that such amount of VC is next to nothing compared to what they're receiving in return.

So, now you know what Rebirth does, but how do you acquire it? Well, first you'll need to find Ronnie 2K. 

Unlocking the Rebirth ability

Ronnie Singh, also known as Ronnie 2K, is a social media. influencer and digital marketing manager, as well as the de facto face of the "NBA 2K" franchise in many ways (per USA Today). Finding a model of his character in the game allows players to gain the Rebirth ability. But there's a catch: you have to find him several times, four to be exact, within the game's hub, "The City." Each time you find Ronnie, he'll relocate to a new position. However, in order for him to appear, your MyPlayer needs to be at a certain OVR level each time:

  • At 65 OVR, you can find Ronnie 2K in the northeast section of the map, outside of the Subway station. 
  • Once you hit 75 OVR, Ronnie 2K can be found southwest on the map, directly in front of the Subway next to the 2K station. 
  • For 88 OVR MyPlayers, Ronnie 2K can be found at yet another Subway stop in the North Side Knights' territory. 
  • Once you reach 90 OVR, Ronnie can be found at the entrance to the South City Vipers. Finding him this last time will net you the coveted Rebirth ability. 

Now, thanks to the Rebirth ability, you'll have everything you need to level up a second character all the way to 90 OVR.