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Silent Hill's Next Chapter Might Have Just Gotten A Title And Rating

Horror fans have been waiting for another "Silent Hill" game since Konami unexpectedly killed "P.T." years ago. Now, along with the recent alleged remake leaks, this latest sign points to a series revival earlier than expected. As spotted by Gematsu, The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has just rated a game called "Silent Hill: The Last Message." 

This could be the secret "Silent Hill" sequel everyone has been waiting for. Unfortunately, the "Silent Hill: The Last Message" rating page doesn't provide any further clues besides the name and the apparent publisher, UNIANA. It doesn't include information about platforms, nor whether it will be a mainline installment or standalone spinoff. As IGN has pointed out in its coverage of the mysterious rating, "The Last Message" could also be an arcade experience considering UNIANA produces arcade cabinets in addition to games. UNIANA collaborated with Konami on free-to-play sports game "eFootball 2023," but it's unclear how that experience with the project might inform a new "Silent Hill" project.

Because the rating specifically came through the Game Rating and Administration Committee, it's unlikely that "Silent Hill: The Last Message" will be a "Silent Hill"-related TV series or movie. Whatever it ends up being, "Silent Hill" fans have something to watch out for in the upcoming year. If it were to follow the mainline series, "Silent Hill: The Last Message" would be the latest "Silent Hill" installment since both "Silent Hill: Downpour" and "Silent Hill: Book of Memories" released in 2012.