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Alleged Silent Hill Remake Leaks Are Turning Heads

Fans of "Silent Hill" have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. While Konami has not announced or revealed plans for any new games in the series, there have been a number of rumors and leaks over the past year pointing to multiple new projects in the works. There have been reports that someone is developing a "Silent Hill 2" remake for Konami and previous leaks have pointed to a UK set game. There was even some fervor over an updated "Silent Hill" website, although it appeared as though Konami no longer owned the webpage.

Now, there is a new set of images from the supposed "Silent Hill 2" remake developed by Bloober Team, best known for "Layers of Fear" and "The Medium." The images were shared on Twitter by Andrew Marmo, and although the screenshots were low quality, one image clearly showed the Bubble Head Nurse from "Silent Hill 2." Known leaker and "Silent Hill" enthusiast Dusk Golem confirmed on Twitter that the images are indeed real, although they said they are likely old prototype screenshots. While fans continue to get riled up over the leaked images, the situation is a bit more complicated than just some leaked screenshots.

The images are from an old Silent Hill pitch

In the ResetEra thread discussing the new "Silent Hill 2" remake images, Dusk Golem provided a little more context about the images and their quality. "Okay, so I'll say this if these are out there. They're real, but they're not even CLOSE to the final product. These are from an internal pitch demo from Bloober before they got greenlit, so it's literally a no budget proof of concept thing rather than a final product, just keep that in mind. Out of everything that could've leaked, this isn't actually what the final game looks like," Dusk Golem said.

As Dusk Golem said, these old images could be something Bloober Team put together to pitch the "Silent Hill 2" remake, something done on a low budget to prove the team's idea for the game. Dusk Golem said that the pitch was green lit and in development, but these images likely aren't representative of the final product. This information should calm down some fans, who were quick to criticize the look of the game. One fan in particular was quite upset about the art direction and some of the character designs in the leaked image. While it's unknown how different the final game will look from the pitch — or if the game is even in production — it's likely to have changed at least slightly during development.