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Maya Makes A 'Final Statement' On Assault Coverup Allegations

The fallout of Twitch's changes to its gambling policy has unfortunately spilled over into much darker territory. In the aftermath of popular streamer Mizkif taking a hardline stance against gambling on Twitch, gambling streamer Trainwrecks hit back by alleging that Mizkif and his friends were blackmailing sexual assault victims against speaking out about their experience. After viewers figured out Trainwrecks was talking about an incident involving Adrianah Lee, who was allegedly assaulted by Mizkif's collaborator CrazySlick, Mizkif broke his silence on the issue and said that CrazySlick would be moving out of the OTK house immediately. But that's hardly been the end of it.

Of the many allegations facing CrazySlick, one of the more damning is that Mizkif's former girlfriend Maya Higa — another popular streamer and a conservationist — was one of two people that "downplayed" the allegations. Higa denied these claims, saying that Adrianah didn't initially consider her interaction with CrazySlick to be inappropriate. However, since then, things have gotten worse for Higa, as a leaked Discord call has since surfaced claiming she gaslighted Adrianah into thinking that what happened wasn't assault (per Dexerto).

In turn, Higa has once again addressed the cover-up allegations in what has been called her "final statement" on the situation.

Maya Higa will be stepping away from social media indefinitely

On Sept. 25, Higa released her "final statement" via TwitLonger, clarifying her stance regarding the sexual assault allegations against CrazySlick and also defending herself from the backlash as the result of the leaked Discord call. "I would first like to respond to the recorded call from last week that was aired on stream," Higa's statement begins. "I was not offered the opportunity to represent myself on that call and thus what I said and my intentions on that day in question (07/06/2021) were misrepresented. I have already spoken my truth on my stream (09/19/2022), but in light of the false allegations brought upon me, I feel the need to speak it again."

Higa condemned CrazySlick for his alleged transgression and once again apologized to Adrianah before announcing that she would be stepping away from social media for the foreseeable future. "For those of you who are still willing to support my platform, thank you. For those of you unwilling, I understand. I am stepping away from my online platforms indefinitely. I'm sorry. Thank you all for reading." It is unclear when, or if, Higa will return to streaming.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).