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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Remy From Ratatouille

Developers are onto us. They know fans want more "Animal Crossing" clones. In definitely unrelated news, "Disney Dreamland Valley" has entered early access. Better yet, it's pretty good. The game has an overwhelmingly positive score on Steam and is connecting well with players who want a relaxed experience hanging out with their childhood (and adulthood) faves.


The current roster of characters includes classic Disney faces like Ariel and Belle, modern heavy hitters like Elsa and Anna, and unexpected favorites such as Remy and WALL-E. For villain lovers, Mother Gothel and Ursula are included in the line-up. Some characters like Scrooge McDuck (the in-game equivalent of Tom Nook) and Goofy are already present in your village, but others, like Remy, will need to be unlocked. You can unlock characters by completing quests for them and building houses for them to settle down in – once fully unlocked, your new friends can provide you with rewards and lucrative skills. Here's how to get Remy to come to your village.

Unlocking the Ratatouille realm

If you want to get a head start on making money in "Disney Dreamland Valley," Remy is one of the first characters you should unlock. Having Remy on your roster unlocks several ingredients to bolster your recipes. This allows you to add more elements to the cooking activity, which is one of the best money-making methods in the game.


According to Z1 Gaming, Chez Remy, Remy's restaurant, can be located in your village straight away, but the head chef is nowhere to be found. In order to find him, you'll first need to head to "Ratatouille," his realm. Progress through the main story until you unlock the "Disney Dreamlight Castle", where you will find doors to other realms. Normally the areas behind these doors cost 3,000 "Dreamlight" to enter, but the first realm you open is free. If you've already claimed your free use, head to the "Dreamlight" menu and complete tasks until you have enough to redeem for a new domain.

Bringing Remy to the valley

Once you have entered the "Ratatouille" realm, you will find Remy. However, in order to bring him back with you, you'll have to help around the kitchen for a bit and complete some quests, which primarily involve collecting and cooking with ingredients around the restaurant. Once these extra quests are done, it's time to build Remy a house (via Z1 Gaming)!


Open the "Furniture" menu and select "House," then purchase Remy's house for 2,000 Star Coins. Once the building work is complete, Remy will return to the village and reopen the restaurant. However, your work isn't done just yet. Head to the restaurant and speak to Remy, where you'll be set a task to pick up some furniture for the restaurant, which you can purchase from Scrooge McDuck's store. Once that's delivered, Remy will have one last quest for you to complete before you unlock him, and the cooking skill.