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Is Trombone Champ Coming To Nintendo Switch?

It's possible that during the mad rush over the massive "Grand Theft Auto 6" leak, gamers might not have heard about a small indie game that rose to great success on Steam. As reported by Kotaku, the wacky rhythm game "Trombone Champ" managed to become one of Steam's top 10 selling games as players discovered the quirky rhythm game. 

By moving the mouse up and down to change the pitch, "Trombone Champ" players must do the best they can to match the notes quickly sliding across their screen. That's easier said than done when one hears just how goofy the sliding trombone sounds, always managing to seem just a bit out of tune. Playing the game looks even more entertaining with Steam Deck gyro controls, and you would think it would be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. With the game currently only available on Steam, Switch fans may be eager to know when they can get their hands on the title. Luckily, the developers of "Trombone Champ" developers have given an answer.

Honking on the Switch soon?

HITC reached out to the creators at Holy Wow Studios about the possibility of bringing "Trombone Champ" to consoles, and the studio responded. "We know there's a large demand for console ports," said Holy Wow. "We're hoping to look into the logistics of it asap!" For now, there doesn't seem to be any concrete news about the game arriving on Switch anytime soon, but it sounds like a possibility down the line.

Porting a game from one system to another is a lot trickier than it sounds, and there are plenty of technical hurdles to overcome. In the case of "Trombone Champ," it sounds even trickier. According to Holy Wow's Twitter, the game was largely created by a single person who worked on the game in addition to their full-time job. However, Nintendo fans eager to get to the tromboning can take comfort in the fact that Holy Wow is not only aware that fans want a port, but that the studio also wants to make it happen.

While fans wait for possible ports, they've been expressing their enthusiasm for the game in multiple ways on Twitter. Rudeism and Mark Kleeb have shared photos of their custom, in-progress "Trombone Champ" controllers, while Raicuparta has even created a VR mod for the game to help players really "feel" like a Trombone Champ. Even if the game is only available on PC at the moment, fans are finding plenty of ways to enjoy this unexpected indie hit.