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Overwatch 2 Wants Your Phone Number And Fans Aren't Happy

Blizzard's long-awaited "Overwatch 2" is finally launching on Oct. 4, and although the game's beta wasn't received well by many fans, some still have faith Blizzard can pull off a great sequel. Unlike the first game, "Overwatch 2" will be free to play and include a controversial battle pass. But that's not the only thing changing. Recently, Blizzard announced that it would also be making significant changes to how the online system works.

In a blog post, Blizzard explained that the changes to "Overwatch 2" online would be centered around a new "Defense Matrix" initiative, named after one of D.Va's signature abilities. This initiative was enacted to "help protect the integrity of gameplay and promote positive behavior in Overwatch 2," according to Blizzard.

Blizzard hopes to achieve a more positive "Overwatch 2" experience by adjusting a few things, such as changing the first-time user experience, removing player levels, adding a ping system, and adding an SMS protection feature. However, not everyone is a big fan of having to link their phone number for the SMS protection feature. And for some, this requirement could lock them out of playing the game altogether.

The new requirement will lock some gamers out of Overwatch 2

Starting Oct. 4, on all systems, "Overwatch 2" players must have a phone number attached to their account to play the game. Blizzard wrote that on top of adding an extra security measure to players' accounts, the SMS requirement would make it harder for suspended or banned players to return, in addition to helping to prevent smurfing.

Although some were pleased with this new requirement for playing online, many gamers were outraged. For example, many sympathized with young gamers who don't have access to a phone, as they would not be able to transition from "Overwatch" to "Overwatch 2." In addition, one user wrote that they might have trouble playing "Overwatch 2" with their two kids because they don't own phones.

Additionally, some gamers were upset to learn that pre-paid phone plans and VoIP would not be compatible with Battle.net. And for some mysterious reason, the popular mobile provider Cricket Wireless is not compatible with Battle.net, enraging many. One user even joked that they would have to change their phone plan just to play a game they have already played for six years.

In response to this new requirement, some users contacted support to get a refund on their Watchpoint Pack preorder due to their inability to play "Overwatch 2." And even in that thread, gamers continued expressing disappointment that they couldn't play "Overwatch 2" for various reasons relating to the new phone number requirement.