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Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Makes Fans' Stomachs Drop

"Overwatch 2" hasn't been released yet, but there's already trouble brewing on the horizon for the sequel. Apart from the terrible news that the game was being delayed, fans have been seeing red over the graphical quality in "Overwatch 2" on top of a backlash sparked in response to a streamer promotion. Altogether, it seems that "Overwatch 2" may be imploding before it even officially releases, and yet another controversy emerged this week.

As Dexerto previously reported, Blizzard posted an update on BattleNet this week explaining that not all heroes would be immediately available in the game. Instead, players must unlock some heroes through the game's Battle Pass system. Fans immediately grew concerned over how the process worked and whether players could only acquire some heroes by paying for them. While Blizzard subsequently deleted the post and "Overwatch" Commercial Lead and VP Jon Specter took to Twitter to clarify that players could unlock all heroes on the free side of the Battle Pass, it hasn't seemed to appease many fans.

Some heroes will be locked behind the Battle Pass

While all heroes will be available through the free version of the Battle Pass, it's currently unclear how long unlocks will take or what players will need to accomplish to move up the free track. Further, as Dexerto points out, it appears that players can obtain at least some heroes faster if they pay for the premium Battle Pass. On social media and throughout the internet, this sudden change to the fundamental "Overwatch" formula has fans voicing their displeasure.

Many are not looking forward to grinding to unlock the heroes they want to play at launch. Others are agitated that this announcement was sprung on players just before the game's release and not explained sooner. While some defended the decision because the game will be free to play, many others countered that "Overwatch" gameplay is based around switching heroes regularly to counter the heroes opponents are using. Some fans have even gone as far as to argue that Blizzard is undermining a critical game mechanic by not making all heroes available to all at launch.

With this new announcement added to the growing list of other complaints about the game, it's not surprising that some observers are seriously worried about "Overwatch 2." Fans will have to wait until the official release to see how these changes affect the game, but as of now, fans aren't too pleased with what they're expecting.