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Destiny 2: How To Get Mementos

"Destiny 2" has quite the dedicated following – with just under 800,000 daily players on average. Bungie's next series after the storied "Halo" franchise is still thriving eight years after the original "Destiny" was released. In fact, the game makers have already set their sights on Hollywood and, more recently, even collaborated with "Fortnite," another hyper-successful game. "Destiny 2" has plenty for players to enjoy, from PvP game modes to brutal group raids, and there are even cosmetics that give players a sense of uniqueness and identity in the FPS MMO. One type of cosmetic that players can get is called a Memento — and it's one of the ways players can personalize their weapons.


Mementos are weapon cosmetics that offer additional options like a shader or kill tracker to further customize crafted weapons. That said, Mementos only provide rewards after players have leveled up the crafted weapon to a certain point. Memento rewards continue until weapon level 30, with a unique kill tracker unlocked at level one, a weapon title 20, and a shader at level 30. There are three different Mementos, and they can be pretty tricky to get – especially if players don't know how to get them. Here's how players can start hunting weapon Mementos

Mementos are found in specific activities

Players can get the three Mementos through specific activities in "Destiny 2."

Players can receive the Nightfall Memento by completing a Grandmaster Nightfall Strike. It's a guaranteed drop, so players only have to complete the high-difficulty Strike once to get it. The other guaranteed Memento can be obtained by achieving a Flawless win streak during the Trials of Osiris PvP mode. But, there's a catch – it's in a chest that's only available for players' first Flawless victory each week.


The Gambit Memento is a bit different because it's just a random drop players can get after completing Gambit matches. With luck, some players might find a Gambit Memento after just a few rounds; however, the spawn rates don't seem very fruitful, according to players on Reddit.

The one thing to remember with Mementos is that once they're attached to a weapon, they're gone for good if they're replaced or removed. Additionally, while Mementos can be obtained infinitely, players can only hold one of each unique Memento at a time. So, once players do get their hands on a Memento, it'll be worth some consideration before using it.