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FIFA 23: How To Do Bicycle Kicks

"FIFA" has been one of the most successful sports video game franchises on the market for decades, and even though the series is coming to a close, fans are getting one last hurrah with the critically acclaimed "FIFA 23." One of the many things that has always made the series so popular is the way it forces players to think tactically. It isn't just about moving athletes around the field and trying to get a ball into a net. Rather, players are expected to use money to draft and compose balanced teams that can be used in a variety of situations. It requires gamers to have an intimate understanding of both the sport and the people who play it. Each new addition to the series has brought new rosters and new mechanics for players to tinker with. That said, sometimes "FIFA 23" players just want to show off a little bit in the heat of the game and the best way to do that is with a Flair Shot.

Flair Shots are special kicks that players can perform when they want to add a bit of style while trying to score a goal. There are multiple different kinds of these specialty shots but easily one of the most recognizable of these is the bicycle kick. Here's how to do one in "FIFA 23."

Bicycle kicks are well positioned Flair Shots

A bicycle kick is when a player turns away from the goal, and then flips backward, kicking the ball out of the air and over their own head in an attempt to score. This is a type of Flair Shot in "FIFA 23," and therefore uses the same controls that they all do in order to trigger it. The controls for performing a Flair Shot are different depending on which console the player is using. For Xbox consoles it's LT + B, for PS4 and PS5 it's L2 + Circle, and for Nintendo Switch it's L + A. But gamers who specifically want to perform a bicycle kick and not some other type of Flair Shot need to make sure the player is positioned correctly as well. They need to be close enough to the goal that they can feasibly perform the shot and the ball needs to be above them on the opposite side of the goal when they trigger it.

Even though the controls are quite simple, this can take players a fair amount of practice to master since getting the timing and positioning exactly right can be difficult. That said, those who ultimately manage to score the goal will do so in one of the most memorable ways possible.