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Gargoyles Remastered - What We Know So Far

Retro gamers have been getting spoiled lately. There are plenty of new titles with a classic feel, such as "Octopath Traveler 2" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge." And there are also tons of older games that are getting HD remakes so that players can enjoy them on modern consoles. A few such examples are "Tales of Symphonia Remastered" alongside Disney's "Aladin, "The Jungle Book," and "The Lion King." These updated and revitalized games give veteran players a means of playing them on current consoles while providing an easy way for new players to experience them for the first time.

Now, it seems that another of these classic games is getting the remaster treatment: the 1995 side-scrolling platformer "Gargoyles." This game was based on the animated television series of the same name and followed several Scottish gargoyles that were originally warriors who were magically turned into stone statues. However, they would awaken once the sun set to protect the people of Manhattan from the forces that sought to threaten humanity. Disney Software originally developed the game for the Sega Genesis, and now Disney is set to bring it back almost 30 years later. Here's everything known about "Gargoyles Remastered" so far.

Is there a release date for Gargoyles Remastered?

The first thing those interested in playing this newly remastered version of the 1995 classic want to know is when they will actually be able to go hands-on with the game. Unfortunately, there is not an official release date yet. The game was announced during the D23 Expo, where it was slipped into the presentation with very little fanfare and even less information.

There is a bit more information about where gamers can play it, though. The press release for the event states, "The classic 90s platformer is coming to modern consoles and PC with updated visuals and controls in collaboration with Empty Clip Studios." So, fans know that it will be coming to PC, but which consoles constitute "modern" is still somewhat in question by players and even the game industry at large. 

"Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King" came to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One back in 2019, and "The Jungle Book" was both repackaged with the two previous titles as well as offered via DLC for fans who'd already purchased the original collection. Time will tell whether a similar move is made for "Gargoyles Remastered" or if it'll see a separate release.

Who will be making Gargoyles Remastered?

Unlike the original version of the game, Disney won't be making this remake alone. Instead, they will partner with Empty Clip Studios, a small Canadian developer that has made its name in the retro gaming community. The team is known for both its work porting retro titles and for creating new games that maintain a retro aesthetic. According to the studio's website, Empty Clip was founded in 2007 by Matt Shores and Francois Bertrand, who were already veteran developers. "Despite remaining a small operation, we've released 32 games on multiple platforms, [...] mainly using our proprietary multiplatform RapidFire Engine. We've created 8 original titles, some for the biggest names in entertainment such as 'Final Fantasy' and 'Ghostbusters,' as well as our own fully original award-winning indie game 'Symphony.'"

While this is a different studio than the one that handled the other Disney rereleases, it seems that "Gargoyles Remastered" is in good hands with Empty Clip. Its experience and evident love for retro games offer a compelling resume.

What kind of gameplay will Gargoyles Remastered have?

Nothing definitive has been shared about the kinds of changes Disney and Empty Clip will be making, outside of Disney's statement that the game would have updated visuals and controls. But since this new version of "Gargoyles" is a remaster instead of a remake, there's a good chance that the actual mechanics will be close to what fans remember from the 1995 version.

In the original "Gargoyles," players would assume the role of the Gargoyle leader, Goliath, as he battled both 10th and 20th-century foes. The game had a simple but gorgeous, side-scrolling aesthetic, with beautiful portraits of the night sky in the background as Goliath fought through ancient battlefields and modern cityscapes. Goliath could climb walls and boost his jumps with his wings, allowing him to explore the vertical set pieces in the game. Players' primary means of attack was swiping at enemies with Goliath's claws. However, players could also pick enemies up and throw them off tall buildings, causing foes to issue an iconic scream as they plummeted to their doom.

If Disney's former remasters are anything to go by, players should find themselves leaping across rooftops and tossing enemies around like it's 1995 when "Gargoyles Remastered" eventually releases.