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Overwatch 2: Every Change To Mercy That You Need To Know

Ever since "Overwatch" first debuted in 2016, Mercy has been a key playable character. Her blend of high mobility and healing powers have made her a versatile support character for team versus team game modes. In the first "Overwatch," Mercy's weapons and abilities included the "Caducueus Staff," which heals allies over time and increase the damage they deal out, an automatic handgun called the "Caduceus Blaster," and the ability to fly across the map and revive fallen teammates. Simply put, if you had a Mercy on your team, you automatically became much harder to kill. 

This may change, however, with the debut of "Overwatch 2." While the game will feature new hero characters, many of the most popular "Overwatch" heroes will transition over to the sequel. However, those familiar characters won't necessarily be the same. Mercy has received a few tweaks already, and here is how she will be changing with the full launch of "Overwatch 2."

Mercy's Overwatch 2 changes

First off, some smaller control changes have been made to Mercy's flying/gliding abilities, including "Guardian Angel" and "Angelic Descent."Pressing the crouch button while using "Guardian Angel" now sends Mercy launching straight up into the air. As mentioned in previous patch notes from Blizzard, this acts as a slight tweak to the super jump players discovered as a result of a glitch in "Overwatch 1." Fans of the character will be happy to see it becoming an official part of Mercy's move-set. In addition, Mercy's "Angelic Descent," which allows her to guide down slowly from a height, can now be activated by holding crouch while the character is airborne. 

The biggest change to Mercy's character is can be seen in her passive healing ability. In "Overwatch 2," according to the dev's patch notes, Mercy's ability to heal has now been buffed by a substantial 50 percent.

So, if you decide to join the game's controversial battle pass to play alongside friends, you might want to consider playing as Mercy. While she's not exactly the same character she was in the first "Overwatch," Mercy is still a vital support character for team battles.