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NBA 2K23: The Best Way To Increase Pass Accuracy

In basketball, passing the ball is a key part of dismantling the opposing team's defense. In "NBA 2K23," this concept is no different. However, just like in real life, if you are not careful with the ball in "2K23," you may accidentally throw it out of bounds or have it intercepted by an opposing player. If you want to avoid making such mistakes and avoid the headaches that follow a bad pass, there are a series of upgrades and attributes you're going to want to use on your player.

But first and foremost, before worrying about the specifications, make sure you get a good handle on "NBA 2K23." Each year, slight changes in gameplay and animations with the NBA 2K series can force players to change strategy as they level up their player. Once you've got a good feel for the new installment, however, it's time to start looking at how you can buff your MyPlayer's passing accuracy.

Everything you need to make more accurate passes

Firstly, if passing accuracy is important to you, there are a few player badges you may want to snag. The Break Starter, Bail Out, and Needle Threader badges all improve passing accuracy in one way or another. According to a rundown of 2K23 badges by The Loadout, The Break Starter makes deep outlet passes more accurate, Bail Out improves passing out of a shot attempt, and Needle Threader improves passing accuracy through tight traffic. 

Unfortunately, one of the most important badges from past installments of the franchise, Bullet Passer, is no longer available in "NBA 2K23." This badge would increase the overall speed with which players made passes, making it a no-brainer upgrade. However, if you acquire the other three badges, you're off to a good start. 

In addition, you'll want to consider boosting your MyPlayer's pass accuracy attribute by as much as possible. As noted by SegmentNext, a minimum 70 OVR pass accuracy is an absolute must and has roughly the same effect as the silver bullet passes badge in 2K22. In order to reach the next level, SegmentNext suggests raising the skill to around 90 OVR. NBA 2K's Virtual Currency is valuable, but if you're spending it on your player's passing, you're likely making the right decision.