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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Best Way To Get Seaweed

When you unlock "Dazzle Beach" in "Disney Dreamlight Valley," you open the way to one of the game's staple crafting resources: seaweed. Seaweed is used to make fiber, which can then be fashioned into rope. Both are integral components for several friendship quests, such as "Fixing the Boat" for Moana, which rewards you with a passive resource of fish from her fishing boat, and Goofy's "The Mysterious Wreck", which upon completion opens up the area where you meet Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" for the first time.

For such an important resource of which you need a lot (one piece of seaweed makes five fiber, and eight pieces of fiber make a rope), you'd think seaweed would be easy to find, right? Wrong. The DreamlightValley subreddit gets fairly regular traffic from folks who are having trouble finding seaweed, as the method of acquiring the slippery macroalgae isn't made super clear in-game.

Why is seaweed so hard to find?

So why can't we find it easily? Are we missing something? Perhaps.

Initially, seaweed spawns on the ground both in new biomes such as "Dazzle Beach" and the "Glade of Trust," but once picked up does not seem to respawn. Eurogamer has theorized that each ground deposit of seaweed "has a very long respawn time, might not respawn at all, or is currently bugged." However, the developers haven't addressed this on the game's official Twitter or in the September patch notes, nor is this acknowledged on the game's FAQ page as a known issue, so it's hard to pinpoint whether this is a bug or if it's working as intended.

Whatever the reason is, players have had to learn to get creative. Perhaps you've tried fishing in all the bubble deposits you could find, or perhaps you trudged up and down "Dazzle Beach" for what felt like forever hoping that you'd spot a patch of precious seaweed. Here's the best way to get the elusive seaweed.

Best method to catch seaweed

Luckily, a few intrepid players have managed to think outside the box (or rather, outside the ripples) and figure out a method. The best way to catch seaweed is, as pointed out by several Reddit users in this thread, to cast your line in areas not covered in the usual ripples and bubbles that players have been conditioned to associate with fishing. There doesn't seem to be a specific technique or location required here – as long as you're fishing outside the ripples, you'll catch seaweed.

It's a bit of a grind, but eventually, you'll have all you need. It's a good idea to hang out with a friend with the fishing skill on these expeditions, as they will sometimes spawn a duplicate of your most recent catch (via NintendoLife). There is also a chance that you'll pull up some common fish while fishing, so be sure to have plenty of inventory space if you're going in for the long haul. You'll be able to make a decent profit from selling them, so it's not a total loss of efficiency.

Maybe Gameloft will fix the seaweed spawn in the upcoming October update (if it's a bug at all), but until then put on your waders and get to fishing!