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Dead Space Collector's Edition: What's Included?

For fans of sci-fi horror games, 2022 was chock full of announcements. Games like "The Callisto Protocol" and "Slitterhead" come from developers of some of the most revered sci-fi horror games of the past, few of which are as well-known as "Dead Space." The "Dead Space" remake is slated for release on Jan. 27, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and after a gameplay trailer was uploaded by the "Dead Space" YouTube channel, fans are excited to finally know how a new "Dead Space" will improve on the original.


Pre-orders for the "Dead Space" remake are up, including a Deluxe Edition and a Collector's Edition. On PC (via Steam, Epic Games, and the EA store) "Dead Space" preorders go for $59.99. However, on Xbox and PlayStation, preordering "Dead Space" will cost $69.99. The "Dead Space" Deluxe Edition goes for $10 more on each platform – on PC it costs $69.99, while PlayStation and Xbox users pay $79.99. All three versions of the "Dead Space" Deluxe Edition come with a total of five unique cosmetics for Isaac's suit, and aside from price, there are no differences between each platform. 

"Dead Space" Deluxe Edition and Collector's Edition are two separate upgrades for the game. The "Dead Space" Collector's Edition sells for a whopping $279.99 on every platform. For that price, though, players get a lot of special collectibles, including a statue, posters, and a wearable helmet. Here's everything that's included.


What Does Dead Space Collector's Edition Include?

The Digital Deluxe Edition gives players a digital copy of the game on their chosen platform and five cosmetics for Isaac's suit: three unique suit skins, and two unique suit textures. In "Dead Space" different suits give Isaac varying levels of damage resistance, health, and inventory space, though details on these "Dead Space" remake additions aren't known yet.


The "Dead Space" Collector's Edition has a bit more on offer. For $279.99, buyers get a copy of the game on their chosen platform as well as collectible cases for the game, a copy of the soundtrack, posters and lithographs, a statue, a patch and a pin, and a wearable replica of Isaac's helmet.

  • Collector's Edition box and Steelbook, featuring Isaac with his iconic plasma cutter and a close-up of his face, respectively
  • Copy of "Dead Space," in the form of an Origin code for PC and a physical copy for console editions
  • "Dead Space" CD soundtrack, featuring the full OST of the original game
  • "Dead Space" lithograph print and folio, featuring Isaac clad in his suit and the game's logo
  • Ishimura patch, the ship that "Dead Space" primarily takes place on
  • Marker pin, depicted in scarlet and silver
  • Metal statue of a Marker, four inches in height
  • Four mini posters, in the style of safety guidelines for Ishumira workers
  • Wearable replica of Isaac's iconic helmet, featuring working lights and detailed paintwork

There is one key difference between the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S versions of "Dead Space" Collector's Edition. The console version comes with a physical copy of "Dead Space" alongside everything else, while the PC version provides a code that can be used on Origin, EA's storefront, and game launcher.