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The Thing Only Adults Noticed About The Mario Movie Poster

The gaming community is powerful, and often it can unite together across differing opinions and motives to advocate for one common goal. When gamers rallied against the "Sonic the Hedgehog" redesign (which featured frighteningly realistic teeth), the film received a lengthy delay to completely retool the blue blur. Even though the creator of Sonic wasn't satisfied with the new movie version of the iconic hero, fans were pleased that Sonic no longer had human teeth and a dead look in his eyes. It was, in some ways, a win for the community, and now that same community needs another win, for similar reasons. Mario needs a bigger tush.


Let's back up. After the reveal of the movie poster for the upcoming Mario movie, fans were busy picking out small details, like the appearance of Captain Toad or the old music note blocks and POW switches nestled in an antique store. The poster was no doubt impressive, depicting the plumber's back as he looked out over the Mushroom Kingdom. However, many gamers noted that something seemed off about Mario's backside. Namely, the plumber appears flat as a pancake beneath his overalls, and some people online aren't happy about it, and almost immediately let their sharpest jokes fly online. 

Here's what adults noticed about the Mario movie poster, and what they've proposed to do with Mario's disappointing derriere.


Gamers think Mario's behind is unrealistic

Experts had to weigh in on the subject. RJ Palmer is a concept artist known for his realistic Pokemon. According to Kotaku, he earned a spot on the "Detective Pikachu" team because of this hyperrealistic art, so he knows a thing or two about bringing video games to the big screen. He tweeted simply, "Mario's a** is too small for all the running and jumping he does." Palmer continued, explaining, "I just care deeply about anatomical plausibility in design. This Mario couldn't even jump 3 feet. Public outrage fixed Sonic, it's not too late to fix Mario." It's true that Mario's glutes don't appear to be those of someone who spends their entire day jumping on Goombas and bouncing around the Mushroom Kingdom. The rant about realism prompted one gamer to respond, "Why do you use your artistic abilities for evil?"


But Palmer wasn't the only person who noticed Mario's pitiful backside. Comic artist J.L. Westover tweeted, "fans should demand a Mario redesign like they did with Sonic but only to make his a** bigger." Another Twitter user chimed in to the conversation, writing, "The Mario movie looks visually stunning! I can't wait to see what else they have in store! They also nerfed Mario's A**. So I won't keep my expectations high." Some simply said that Nintendo didn't have the guts to depict Mario as he should be.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time gamers have become outraged over a game character's behind, though.

This isn't the only disappointing backside in gaming

"Gotham Knights" drew similar ire from fans who were disappointed with Nightwing's greatest asset – or the lack of it. While gamers were thrilled to see Nightwing rendered in the game's stunning graphics, they definitely noticed that his tush wasn't as prominent as it is in his comic book appearances. In fact, Nightwing's butt has become a bit of a meme, according to SyFy Wire. Without the famous behind, Nightwing is just a little less ... Nightwing.


Mario fans are saying the same thing, and while some are joking about his new movie design, others are completely serious. Well, sort of. Author Laura Kate Dale reminded gamers that she wrote an entire book about famous butts in gaming, explaining that "As the world's foremost published shed expert on Mario's ass, I lend my weight to the movement demanding he get given them thick cheeks. A fat a** is integral to Mario as a character."

Others were just confused about the whole conversation. Game developer Matt T. Wood tweeted, "Is it just me obsessing too much over Mario's butt? I have never looked at his butt before now. What's going on?" However, Wood couldn't stop thinking about Mario's design, later writing, "Like why did they give him absolutely no butt? I don't know why I care about this, but for some reason I do! Mario runs and jumps a lot. He should have a good butt!"


Regardless of how serious gamers are about Mario's backend, the world will get a taste of the new Mario movie on Oct. 6 when the first trailer for the film premieres online. Hopefully, it'll be enough to win over fans regardless of Mario's rear end.