Gotham Knights Fans Are Disappointed By Nightwing's Greatest Asset

The path to the launch of "Gotham Knights" has been a rocky one. Fans have been excited about the newest game in the Arkhamvese ever since the trailer was revealed almost two years ago. The recent appearance of the rapidly pulled Steam listing for the game had fans going wild about its 82 GB file size and set many of them to start speculating about when they would finally get to play it. They didn't have to wonder for long, however, as the game's official Twitter account revealed its planned release in October 2022 the very next day. This was later undercut by the frustrating news that the game is not going to be available on the PS4 and Xbox One, but will rather be exclusively available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.


Now, WB Games have just released a gameplay demo featuring two of the Arkham universe's most prolific characters: Nightwing and the Red Hood. There were plenty of major details revealed about the kind of gameplay players can expect and what fighting Batman's oldest protegees will mean for the Bat, but there's one small detail regarding Nightwing's physique that many fans noticed should have been a lot bigger.

Dick Grayson's been de-gluted

Most superheroes in the DC universe are physically fit, but it is widely known that Nightwing has a butt that is on an entirely different level. Perhaps it's due to his origins as a professional acrobat or his years of training under Batman that helped him develop the most finely toned rear-end in Gotham, but it's a well established fact that Grayson has a superior posterior. In fact, his finely honed glutes have been acknowledged canonically and have ended up being the butt of several jokes across the franchise. Unfortunately, several fans have noticed that the tush Nightwing has on display in the gameplay demo for "Gotham Knights" is a little on the flat side. It's fine, but it's a far cry from what they've come to expect.


Several Twitter users have complained about the change. @Nonahedrix wrote, "I love this but not giving Nightwing pants that hug his a** is a crime" while @ ZippyPsycho posted side-by-side images comparing the "Gotham Knights" Grayson to the one from the comics with the caption, "remember what they took from you. Hopefully somebody on PC will mod back Nightwing's dump truck of an a**."

If fans are lucky, perhaps Warner Bros. Interactive will hear their pleas and re-introduce Nightwing's biggest asset before the game's release in October.