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Overwatch 2: How To Unlock Mythic Skins

There are a lot of significant differences between "Overwatch" and "Overwatch 2," like the addition new character, Sojourn, but the new game still has most of the essential elements that made the original great. It still has fast-paced, kinetic shooting mechanics, a variety of interesting weapons for players to choose from, and a vibrant roster of characters with their own unique abilities. One thing that has helped keep these characters interesting over the years is the skins. 

Blizzard has released dozens of skins to mix up how characters look without changing the way they play. These skins are divided mainly by rarity. In the original "Overwatch," the rarest skins were labeled as Legendary Skins. These carried over to the new game, where more Legendaries are on the way, but they are no longer considered the rarest skins.

"Overwatch 2" has introduced a new, rarer subset called Mythic Skins. In fact, this tier is so rare that there is only one confirmed in the entire game (so far.) The official "Overwatch" Twitter account posted a tweet announcing the new Mythic rarity and the first to be introduced to the game, Mythic Genji – Cyber Demon. So, how can gamers unlock this elusive new tier of skins?

Players need to level up Premium Battle Pass

Players first need to purchase the "Overwatch 2" Season One Premium Battle Pass to access the Cyber Demon Mythic Skin. This costs 1,000 Overwatch coins ($10.00) in the Battle.net store. Once they have that, players can instantly unlock the new character, Kiriko, and 80 Tiers of new Battle Pass rewards to level up through. They will also receive a 20% XP boost throughout the season. In addition, players can unlock five new Legendary Skins through the battle pass, but the top reward is the Mythic Cyber Demon skin, which can only be obtained when the player reaches Tier 80. 

This will take a lot of time or a fair amount of money, even for players completing all the daily and weekly challenges. According to CNET, "you'd need a little more than four weeks to unlock a new hero, and you'd reach 80 — the final tier — halfway through your seventh week."

The developers at Blizzard may choose to introduce more Mythic skins over time, but considering Mythic Skins are supposed to be, by definition, exceedingly rare, they may not release with the same velocity that Legendary skins have in the past. There might also be other ways to unlock future Mythic skins too, but for now, the only Mythic Skin in "Overwatch 2" is only available through the battle pass.