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Overwatch 2: How To Quickly Level Up Your Battle Pass

After years of anticipation, "Overwatch 2" is finally out, and the original "Overwatch has come to an end. While some fans are sad to see the first game go, they can take solace in the fact that reviews for the sequel have been generally pretty positive. Critics are finding the updated gameplay and expanded story fun and engaging, and fans are already migrating to the new experience.

Despite some of these wins, the new battle pass system is one of the prevalent negatives for the game. The battle pass faced vocal criticism after making fans' stomachs drop because of its heavy focus on monetization. On top of that, for the first time in "Overwatch" history, certain characters have been locked behind pass tiers.

While these changes have proven unpopular with some fans, they're now part of the game whether players like it or not — making ranking up the battle pass more important than ever. Fans who want access to all the characters, skins, and other rewards will want to move up the battle pass tiers as quickly as possible and without too much of a grind. Fortunately, this task isn't overly complex or time-consuming if players know what to prioritize.

Focus on daily and weekly challenges to level up faster

Thanks to an advance copy of the game, Kris Holt at Forbes has examined "Overwatch 2" and found challenges are the fastest way to level up. Challenges that reward battle pass XP are divided into daily, weekly, seasonal, and lifetime categories and are updated accordingly. 

Focusing on daily challenges first is a good start since they change often, and missing any is a wasted opportunity. They're also simple tasks like winning a match or using an emoji. After that, weekly challenges should be the next priority as they'll take longer but also award a more XP.

As for seasonal and lifetime challenges, these should receive less immediate attention. Many will take more effort to unlock and award less XP than daily or weekly challenges. Focusing on daily or weekly goals is better and lets the other challenges get checked off naturally.

Finally, real-world money can speed the whole process up. Buying the premium battle pass boosts all XP earned while also providing access to all the rewards on the pass, making it well worth the money for dedicated players. Further, you can unlock the next tier in the pass at any time by paying 200 Overwatch Coins. These coins can be earned through gameplay or purchased with real money and can also be spent to unlock non-League skins.