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Fortnite X Rocket League: How To Get The Octane

The popular battle royale game "Fortnite" is no stranger to crossovers with other games. In the past, it has paid homage to "Among Us" by introducing items and emotes related to the game. More recently, it has collaborated with "Goat Simulator 3" to offer a new skin to players. Now, another crossover is giving "Fortnite" fans a chance to bring the action of "Rocket League" into their world.

"Rocket League" may not be familiar to all "Fortnite" players but the game of soccer-playing rocket cars is a hit with gamers in general. Featuring a massive fan base and its own esports competitions, "Rocket League" has won over gamers with its fast-paced matches that mix sports and over-the-top action.

With its competitive action and colorful style, it's not surprising that Epic Games would want to bring a little bit of "Rocket League" into its game. This is happening in the form of the Octane car which is now available in "Fortnite." With this new vehicle making an appearance, plenty of fans will likely want to know how to get their hands on one and take it for a spin outside of the soccer field.

Get the Octane in Fortnite's Create mode

To gain access to the Octane, called the Octane Spawner in "Fortnite," players will need to be in Create mode. Once there, simply opening the Creative inventory and going to Devices will allow them to find the Octane Spawner and then place it in the world. All the standard options and limitations for placing devices apply and are laid out in the "Fortnite" Creative guide, along with the controls for the vehicle.

For players who want to take a spin on the Octane before using it in their own designs, they can use island code 7335-2078-5223 to check out a tutorial for it. The vehicle is designed to work like its "Rocket League" counterpart, hitting high speeds, performing long jumps with the use of its rockets, and sticking to walls. Use of its rockets will expend Boost which can be replenished with Rocket Boost power ups, which can also be placed in Creative mode.

In honor of this new addition to the game, Epic Games is encouraging fans to design new islands that take advantage of the Octane and its unique abilities. Islands can be entered into a contest for a chance to be featured in the game's Discover row this November.

Fans of "Rocket League" and island design will likely want to check out the Octane, as well as the competition, as soon as possible. Deploying it will be simple, but designing for it and using it in combat will likely pose a fun new challenge for players.