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Silent Hill Director Just Spilled The Beans About New Games

Another person has added more fuel to the "Silent Hill" rumors. This time, the director of the 2006 "Silent Hill" movie has weighed in on the future of the franchise. Christophe Gans, who has reportedly written a script for a new "Silent Hill" movie (via VGC) has claimed in an interview that there are multiple "Silent Hill" games in the works, backing up earlier rumors. The notion that more "Silent Hill" games are in development has emerged from various sources, with insiders claiming that there were multiple projects in the works as of May, after a legit leak made the rounds. In September, a bunch of images from an unconfirmed "Silent Hill 2" remake pitch by Bloober Team leaked online, confirming that the studio had, at a minimum, done some work on the game and pitched it to Konami, although that leak did not confirm if the project was greenlit.


Now, Gans said in a French language interview (translated via Dusk Golem on ResetEra) that Konami has multiple "Silent Hill" games in the works. In the interview, Gans said that he works directly with Konami and the "Silent Hill" team, and that there are multiple big projects on the way, with Konami hoping to revive the series. Gans said the company was inspired by the "Resident Evil" remakes and how successful those were for Capcom. Here's what else he revealed about the upcoming games.

Gans says that Bloober is making a Silent Hill 2 remake

Gans said that he is not working on any of the game projects himself, but he still has connections from the original "Silent Hill" movie at the company, who are sharing information about the projects. While Gans never directly stated how many "Silent Hill" games are in development, he continuously said there are several teams working on various projects. As for the Bloober Team's supposed "Silent Hill 2" remake project, Gans seemingly confirmed the project, although indirectly. The interviewer attempted to get Gans to say which teams are making these projects and told Gans that it is already confirmed that Bloober Team is making a "Silent Hill 2" remake. Gans agreed.


While Gans is supposedly working on another "Silent Hill" movie and has made one in the past, it's important to take his comments with a grain of salt. Gans himself didn't confirm much outside of Konami making more "Silent Hill" content, and while he agreed that Bloober Team is working on a "Silent Hill 2" remake, he didn't state it directly.