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Dream's Face Reveal Is Blowing The Internet Away

The "Minecraft" YouTuber known as Dream is one of the most popular gaming content creators on the internet today. His channel has over 30 million subscribers and features videos of speed runs, challenges, Let's Plays and crossover content with other famous creators like MrBeast. Thanks to these bonafides and his dedicated DreamSMP "Minecraft" server, entirely possible that Dream is the most influential "Minecraft" player in the world, and yet fans have never seen his face – until now.

Dream hasn't generally used a camera while streaming in the past, instead preferring to use a smiley-faced avatar as a stand-in during his videos. When talking about the more tragic details of his life in an interview with Anthony Padilla, Dream recounted struggling with depression while he was young and explained that playing "Minecraft" allowed him to feel like a different person, which in turn led to the creation of his smiley-faced avatar. Fans have been waiting for a chance to see the face behind the smile ever since his channel first took off back in 2020, but it seemed for a long time like it would never happen. Then Dream announced in early September that his next upload would contain the face reveal that fans have been waiting years to see.

After charming some of his streaming friends over FaceTime, Dream told his fans early on October 2 to expect the face reveal to be uploaded at some point later in the day. Hours later, despite a few more tweets promising the video was indeed coming, some people began to get tired of waiting, and some even suspected that this was all going to turn out to be an elaborate prank on Dream's part. Dream made good on his promise with a YouTube upload in the evening, however, and fans rejoiced at finally getting a chance to see his real face.

Meet the real Dream, everyone!

Dream started the video joking around about postponing the reveal in any way he could. He showed fans his soundproofed streaming room and a fold-out green screen, and at one point joked that he could no longer do the video because his cat Patches got in his chair. He even put a blanket over his head and said that 100,000 people needed to subscribe before he'd drop the blanket. Eventually, however, enough was enough, and Dream dropped his iconic mask to show everyone what he really looks like. 

He immediately laughed about the fact that he's not used to speaking directly to camera, but seemed genuinely happy to finally be doing so. "Hi, my name is Clay, otherwise known as Dream," he said with a smile so wide that it almost matched his familiar avatar.

Dream explained that he finally decided to reveal his face because his best friend, fellow YouTuber GeorgeNotFound, was finally moving to the United States so he could move in with Dream and Sapnap, another friend and content creator. "My goal was just to start doing things," explained Dream. "Get out, meet creators, say hi to my friends finally. Just get out in the world, be an actual creator, be a person!" He also explained that he was tired of the pressure from people constantly trying to leak his appearance and butt into his personal life, so he decided to finally come out with it himself. If the response from fans is any indication, the move is already paying off.

Dream's fans react to the reveal

A majority of the comments on Dream's upload expressed feeling immensely proud of Dream for finally making this decision and for feeling comfortable enough with his fans to share more of himself with the world. Some of Dream's fans have also looked at this moment as a huge turning point for the fandom, as well. One person remarked that they were so proud of themselves and all of Dream's other subscribers who had been with the streamer since his "faceless" days. Some people said that Dream looked exactly like they expected, while others were fully blown away by the reveal. Even folks who admittedly weren't huge fans of his work expressed similar sentiments of being proud of Dream for taking the leap.

Dream also posted a photo to his Twitter account, in which he can be seen hanging out with Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound. The comments were likewise filled with fans and fellow creators excited to see the trio hanging out together, as well as plenty of people remarking how handsome they think Dream looks with the mask off.

Not only was the face reveal an exciting event for Dream and his fanbase, but the future is definitely looking bright for the once-faceless streamer. Some people have already remarked that this marks the beginning of a new chapter in Dream's career. As noted by YouTuber and voice actor JoblessGarrett, the reveal "Opens up so many cool things for [Dream] to do outside of gaming." MrBeast seems to be thinking similarly, as he almost immediately invited Dream to appear maskless in one of his videos.

With TwitchCon just around the corner, maybe Dream will be ready to meet some of his devoted subscribers in person. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: It's been a while since the internet got excited for a streaming event quite like Dream's big reveal.