Here's How To Get The Crystal Skates In Temtem

If players haven't already heard, "Temtem" is the monster-taming MMORPG that's the perfect game for anyone who's sick of "World of Warcraft" but loves "Pokémon." When the game was first announced for Early Access back in 2020, it stood out for its MMO features and unique graphics. After some time spent in early access, it saw a full release in 2022 that saw over 1 million players less than a month after its official debut. There's lots to keep up with, with so much for players to do while going through the story and after reaching end-game – like leveling up the best Temtem possible.


Part of the fun in "Temtem" are some of the unique features it offers, like the Temessence Vial. While adventuring around the Airborne Archipelago, players may notice large areas of red crystals that cause them to slide around instead of regularly walking. Players will need a set of Crystal Skates to traverse this terrain efficiently.

Here's how players can nab a pair of Crystal Skates and gracefully glide through gem-filled zones.

Get to the second isle, Omninesia

Once the story of "Temtem" takes players to Omninesia, players will be given Crystal Skates by their partner-in-justice, Carlos, before taking on Clan Belsoto. These will be incredibly useful for navigating the various areas of Omninesia, but unfortunately, players won't keep them for long.


Players will lose the Crystal Skates once they get to the third isle, Tucma, and won't be able to be found again until players get to the fifth isle of Cipanku. From there, players will have to defeat Dr. Sasaya at the Neoedo Dojo and meet up with Carlos again in the town of Onsenshima. There, players will find a locker that holds the Crystal Skates along with the Onsenshima Set, a clothing item.

There are crystal-filled areas in the other isles that require Crystal Skates to reach, so it's well-worth players' time to head back to areas like Deniz and Kisiwa to grab valuable items and Temtem that otherwise couldn't have been found.