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How To Get Destiny 2's Cry Mutiny Grenade Launcher

For those intimidated by the weapon grind and random drops that "Destiny 2" is known for, Season 18's Pursuit weapon is a respectable option for high-level content. The pirate-themed heavy grenade launcher, named Cry Mutiny, comes with several perks that make it useful for clearing hordes of enemies. All players have to do is pay attention to weekly XP bonuses and the weapon will be theirs in no time.

Cry Mutiny is equipped from the power weapon slot along with rocket launchers, machine guns, swords, and most linear fusion rifles. It comes with the perk Volatile Launch, while increases its blast radius at the cost of handling speed and projectile speed. Its second perk, Mini Frags, makes projectiles smaller to increase reload speed and magazine size while decreasing the blast radius. The third perk column has two options: Incandescent and Demolitionist. Incandescent spreads the scorch effect to nearby enemies when one is defeated. Demolitionist allows kills to generate grenade energy. In the fourth column, players have the option to equip Swashbuckler or Vorpal Weapon. The former gives the weapon bonus damage with each kill, while the latter increases damage against bosses.

Players have three options when trying to acquire Cry Mutiny: Vanguard strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. To get the weapon, players must reach rank 16 with at least one of the three activity vendors.

How to optimize XP farming for Cry Mutiny

Each vendor requires 9,000 total XP to reach level 16. Because Gambit and Crucible require match wins to maximize XP rewards, the quickest way to get Cry Mutiny for most people will be through strikes. Strikes reward 60 XP per completion when doing the playlist during a normal week, according to The Gamer. Nightfall strikes, which also give Nightfall weapons, start at 120 XP and go all the way up to 300 for the Grandmaster difficulty.

Unfortunately, the higher difficulties don't have matchmaking. For a solo player just trying to farm XP, the most viable option would be to repeatedly complete the Nightfall strike on Hero difficulty because it still has matchmaking while giving 180 XP per completion. This means that, depending on what the Nightfall strike is during that week, the player can get 360 XP in less than 10 minutes during a double XP week. By doing this, Cry Mutiny could be unlocked in just a few hours. That time will decrease even more if the player can find others willing to run the strike on higher difficulties – and maybe even earn one of the new mementos in the process.

Before committing to XP farming, it should be noted that there are better weapons in its class. Pursuit weapons, as explained by Bungie, aren't quite the "god rolls" that players look for. Still, the weapons are "solid" alternatives for players to use in the meantime.