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Every Major Event In Destiny 2 Season 18's Roadmap

Bungie recently had its big "Destiny 2" showcase, showing players a glimpse of what they can expect from the title in the near future. Covering new content like Guardian Ranks and "Fortnite" ornament sets in addition to revealing the release date of the next expansion, "Lightfall." The showcase also rolled straight into what players will be up to in Season 18. The Season of Plunder is live until December 6, and it'll offer new content alongside some returning events.


The Season of Plunder introduces Arc 3.0, the final overhaul of the existing Light subclasses. Alongside the subclass rework, Season 18 adds a few new activities, like the pirate-themed "Ketchcrash" and "Expedition" missions. "Ketchcrash" is a new six-player activity where players board one of Eramis' pirate ships, while "Expedition" sees three players hunt for treasure and protect their hoard from rival crews. Season 18 also features a narrative mission called "Pirate Hideouts" that will advance weekly. On top of all that, there's more coming throughout the season, including a returning Raid, Iron Banner, and holiday-themed events. Here's the roadmap for all of Season 18's events.

Every major event revealed for Season 18 of Destiny 2

In a recent This Week At Bungie blog post, Bungie revealed the dates of six of the planned events for the Season of Plunder. These events include the return of an old Raid, two competitive multiplayer modes, and a spooky Halloween event. In addition, Grandmaster Nightfalls will also return to "Destiny 2" later in the season.


The roadmap for the Season of Plunder is as follows:

  • King's Fall Raid – August 26

  • Iron Banner Week 1 – September 6

  • Trials of Osiris – September 16

  • Grandmaster Nightfalls – October 4

  • Festival of the Lost – October 18

  • Iron Banner Week 2 – November 15

It remains unclear whether this is the complete list or if Bungie is holding a few surprises for a later reveal — although it's already a pretty packed schedule. The Season of Plunder ends on December 6, just a little over two months before the next major expansion, "Lightfall," is released.