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Blizzard Responds To Overwatch 2 Bug Shutting Down Players' PCs

"Overwatch 2" got off to a rocky start. Players everywhere had trouble entering the game at launch due to a DDoS attack on the "Overwatch 2" servers, while those lucky enough to log in noticed that previously unlocked heroes and cosmetics were initially locked. But according to reports, some gamers are having an even more serious issue preventing them from playing "Overwatch 2."


On launch day, players reported to the Blizzard forums that their PCs were randomly shutting off or restarting while "Overwatch 2" was open. Although some theorized the shutdowns were due to high CPU temperatures, nobody could pinpoint the problem. Shortly after the reports came in, Blizzard posted a response urging those affected to run diagnostic tools and paste their PC's data in the thread so the team could better look into the issue.

On October 12, Blizzard returned to the thread to post about a possible cause for the shutdowns, as well as a possible solution. Blizzard blamed 360 Total Security for causing the shutdowns and urged those affected to uninstall the program. However, Blizzard also noted that many other issues could be to blame for the shutdowns, so that fix is not complete.


Blizzard has also advised players to update Windows and check for overheating components. In addition, Blizzard linked to another thread with possible solutions that helped some other players. Players will have to stick to these workarounds until Blizzard is able to fully stamp out the issue, especially if they want to get started leveling up the "Overwatch 2" Season 1 Battle Pass.